Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Goals that will really get you into action in MLM

Part of my mission statement in life is to be a mentor to
people who really want to learn. I hope my articles will
provide you with many tools and strategies to make your
online career a huge success.

Network Marketing and MLM is a tough game. You really need
to know why you are doing it if you expect to succeed. We
get paid on replacement value in life...the easier we are to
replace, the less we will get paid for our efforts. A really
top MLM achiever is really difficult to find and replace and
so the income at the top is exceptional.

If you want to have success in this industry then you must
understand the absolute necessity of having a clear and
concise goal firmly fixed in your mind.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know...you've heard all of this before
but I just can't stress enough how critical this is.

If you are already a huge success then you probably aren't
reading this.

But if you're just starting out, it's important for you to
know that there is a lot of competition out there trying to
do just exactly what you are doing.

How are you going to rise above the crowd and be successful
if you don't know exactly why you're doing the work?

I have to tell you that I've been in the sales and marketing
field a lot of years and the times I have had big success
were the times when I knew exactly what I wanted and why I
wanted it.

You see with this fixed in your mind an amazing thing
begins to happen. You begin to focus on the end
result and not the immediate task in hand. Obstacles
along the way become simple stepping stones along
the path to success. A plan of action miraculously appears
and your whole attitude changes. You become immersed in the
achievement of your goal.

Now I'm willing to bet that you've heard all this before,
you've probably tried it, and for many of you it was a dud.
You felt like you were shooting blanks. You eventually
became dispirited and gave up.

Am I right?

Not to worry. Once you have a goal in your heart that
has become a burning desire, everything will change for

You will be unstoppable and your great success will
begin to emerge.

What is your true vision in life?

This is the place we are told, where we must start our
search for a goal that will inspire us and fill us with fire
and ambition.

But you know what...I have a vision that I will eventually
find my true vision in life. I keep changing my mind
depending on the day and what has just happened.

I have found it to be like the search for the Holy Grail...a
lofty ideal that more often than not gets in the way of
making a plan and getting to work. I become so focused on
finding my "ultimate vision" that I don't go to work on the
first step.

Instead, I have come to realize that finding a goal I can
get in the trenches with is much more likely to get me into

What sort of goal might that be?

Well let's look at this! If you had a reliable extra income
of say $2000 per month (or $500 or whatever works for you)
coming in that you could create part time with an acceptable
amount of effort...how would that change your life? Would
you be able to retire, buy that new car, get your first home

That's what I mean by a goal I can get in the trenches

It's real, it's earthy, you can feel it, you can believe
it's possible...and you can find a way to make it happen if
it truly is meaningful for you.

Sure the "vision" will lead you on to lofty ideals and
bigger things. Your "Vision" will take you to the top. But
it's the closer to home, "help me out today" goals that will
really get you into action.

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