Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to Make your Squeeze Page Sell-Create a Strong Call to Action

What exactly is a "Call to Action"?

If not the single most important element on your sales
page, then it's right up there with having a powerful
headline. There's no point getting visitors to your site if
they don't know what to do. If your visitor is confused
about what action you want them to take, they will get lost
in the confusion and leave.

Your sales copy must compel your visitors to action! And
it should be the action you desire. That's the whole
purpose of your sales page.

You don't get to have any personal interaction with your
potential buyers; you can't answer their questions and
handle their objections on the web. Your sales copy needs
to stand in for you… take your place; it has to do that job
on your behalf.

It's a vital role!

Your sales copy needs to tell your visitors what you have
to offer (your "feature" statement); it has to explain how
using your product will improve your visitors lives (your
"benefit" statement) and it has to create "value" in the
minds of your potential buyer. They have to feel that what
they will be getting is a bargain. If you can create strong
emotion around this…even better.

If your visitor can sense that you have their best
interests at heart, you have won half the battle. If your
sales copy is too slick and pushy you will turn them off.
Ninety-five percent of humans don't like to be sold. And
the five percent left are other sales people.

So speak directly to your visitor; let them know you
understand their needs. Let them know that providing
service and value is important to you.

You know the difference between "Features" and "Benefits"?

Features tell the reader what you have to offer. Benefits
are much more powerful… they tell them how your offer will
create a positive change in their lives.

A feature-benefit statement would go something like this:

This car has a smooth ride, but not too smooth. You wont
feel the bumps in the road but you'll still get the benefit
of great cornering!

Let your sales copy tell your visitors how your product or
service will be of benefit to them… and be sincere… no
smoke and mirrors! Make sure that what you are offering
will in fact live up to your promises or there won't be any
repeat business.

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