Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Secrets of MLM Success: How to Get the Money to Get Endless Signups from Advertising!

Wouldn't that be great? Just place ads and people flock to
your door and sign up?

If you haven't done it this way yet it's probably because
you don't know how or you can't afford to advertise.

Maybe you don't even know where you can advertise!

I guess the three main ways to place paid advertising
would be:

1. Pay-per-Click.
2. Place ads in other peoples Ezines.
3. Place ads in Newspapers.

But it all costs money, right?

Let's look at the possibilities… with $500 a month
available to spend on advertising you can create a lot of

Seems a lot now to spend on advertising, but if you can
generate the money on the internet it makes a lot of sense
to do it this way. Click my link below and I'll show you
how to do it in detail.
I believe that the residual income from MLM makes it the
best bet to generate long term wealth. So why not invest a
small amount now for a big income in the future?

If you're looking to generate $100,000 a year in "residual
income" down the road then you would need to have $2
million invested in Government Bonds at 5% to get it.

That's a lot of money and very, very few people ever get
$2 million in cash together to invest.

Look what you're setting out to achieve… you don't have
very much starting capital but you're looking to build a
business in a few short years that is equivalent to having
$2 million invested.

No wonder MLM seems difficult! The rewards are amazing!

What we need to put in place is a process to generate the
funds to pay for that advertising budget... and while we're
at it, let's make enough to pay your monthly qualifying
volume at your MLM company.

Here's the way to do it:

You'll still need to have some seed money to invest
because you'll need a website (costs approx. $5 per month)
and autoresponder (cost approx $20 per month) so you can
build a list of prospects. There are free websites and
autoresponders out there but you have to allow ads on your
site. This can be an acceptable limitation in the early
stages until you can afford to upgrade.

The fastest way to get traffic is to use Pay-per-Click
(PPC). The advantage of PPC is if you don't get any clicks
you don't have to pay anything.

But the most powerful way to develop a quality list is
through article writing and marketing. See my free book

If you can't afford a website or an autoresponder then
your next best bet is to start an affiliate program using
the Vendor's sales page. This means all of your available
funds can then be devoted strictly to getting leads to the
sales page via PPC. I do this with some of my affiliate
programs and it actually works. But you don't get a list as
well. The seller gets to keep the names of the respondents.

You want to be in a hot market for this and Weight loss is
the growth industry to look at (in my opinion). We have an
obesity epidemic going on and other than Paris Hilton and
Online Dating it's the most highly searched item on the
search engines. Weight loss is a $40 billion a year
industry and getting bigger fast… we want to get on board.

Click my link below and I'll show you an affiliate program
in the weight loss area that you can market like this to
get you started.

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