Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Twitter opportunity might not last forever so grab it now while you can.

Very basically here's the plan:

If you don't have the budget for a big dollar (or even a low dollar) AdWords campaign then you are best to start generating leads using Twitter.

Now, it's important to understand that Twitter does not really want their site used as a marketing vehicle, they want it to be an interactive, mini-instant messaging, conversational site where we build relationships.

Personally... I think Facebook is a much better venue for building friendships, so ask your Twitter friends to join you on FB. Those who want to be your friend will join you.

Here's where to become "my friend" on Facebook:

I don't know what Twitter's business plan is, I don't know how they make money, I don't even know if they are making money and I certainly don't know if Twitter will continue in it's present form.

But here's what I do know: Right now, today, you can use Twitter to generate several hundred leads a day for your business and you can ask them to subscribe to one of your autoresponder lists... and lots of them will.

Now you're really building your business. You can download your autoresponder leads to your hard drive and that is your property forever.

To find out how to do that I suggest you get my FREE book:

"How to use Twitter to Explode Your Business Online"

It truly is and there are no strings attached. Of course I'm in business so there are two tools that will help you immensely that I tell you about at the end, but there's no obligation to spend any money - that will be your choice.

So here's the program: "10 Sure fire Steps to Online Success"

1. Get my free book:

2. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to start and build your Twiter presence.

3. Preferably get a website and an auto-responder.

I use GoDaddy for my websites:

and AWeber for my Auto-responder:

4. Now start to send Tweets every day! I think you can safely send Tweets every 2 hours without alarming the Twitter bots but they are changing the rules every day so I can't promise this. I know I've had a couple of hard slaps for over Tweeting when I was testing their limits, so I take this seriously.

We want to be responsible entrepreneurs... we don't want to be offensive spammers.

5. Send Tweets that offer affiliate products or your own product: preferably via an opt-in page so you can add your site visitors to your auto-responder list, but otherwise link directly to your Affiliate Sales link. You can host hundreds of opt-in pages on the same website for $4 a month at GoDaddy.

6. Send Tweets about your Funded proposal.

Here's the one I use:

7. Send tweets with some personal info, humour or inspirational quotes.

8. Never send Tweets about your MLM opportunity - it's a real turnoff.

9. Start a Blog and send Tweets about posts you have made on your Blog.

Don't worry about your MLM - have some patience - people will be drawn to you and ask to join you.

Remember your primary goal is to build your list - if you make some sales along the way then that's an added bonus.

10. Recycle every thing - I will make a video of this message and post it on YouTube, I'll probably do an article, I'll post it on my Blog and I'll send it to my auto-responder lists.

That's all off the top of my head right now. There's lots more but this will get you started.

Let's Keep on Winning


Jim Keayes