Thursday, August 9, 2007

Secrets of MLM Success: What's The Biggest Thing That Will Hold You Back? and How to Beat it!

What's the biggest bugaboo in this business?

Fear of rejection!

We all hate it but we have to overcome it if we're going
to have any success in this business… unless you go 100%

And now for the good news:

Fear of rejection "can" be beaten!

But that's not our present reality is it?

As soon as we go to pick up the phone or approach a
stranger most of us are filled with varying degrees of
fear. We know it's illogical… I mean what's the worst thing
that could happen? Even if we're going to just dial a
stranger and hang up as soon as they answer, we're still
filled with fear. Just thinking about calling someone and
inviting them to a presentation can sometimes immobilize
us. We just can't make the call.

What's going on here?

It's fear of rejection at work and often it's
overpowering…it cripples our ability to succeed in this

Here's a pretty simplistic explanation of what's happening
in your brain and probably not totally scientifically
correct… but you'll get the general idea.

Fear of rejection is lodged in an old part of the
brain…"the Limbic brain". It stores all of our experiences
up to about age seven when we stopped thinking magically
and started thinking logically. It sends signals to our
emotional centers much faster than our logical brain can
respond and say: "hold on… it doesn't make sense to feel
like that". It hates change. You can't re-program the
limbic brain by thinking about it, or using visualization
or mantras or affirmations. It was there before the frontal
cortex fully developed.

The limbic brain only responds to experiential stimuli.
What's that mean? It means you can only change its
programming through taking action. You can't think it into

Here's the only thing I have found that really works:
"Face the fear and do it anyway!"

But do it in little doses. Figure out what would be the
least scary way for you to find new prospects and start
doing that?

Start talking to strangers. That's all… just talk. Turn
around and say "Hi" to the person behind you in the line at
Starbucks. That's it… just say "Hi"… and then see what
happens. Sneak up on the "prospecting strangers" process.
Build your courage a little bit at a time. If this is easy
for you… no problem! But if you're a little uncomfortable
with strangers, then get game toughened by easing into it

And quietly feel out your family and friends. Don't be
impatient and jump all over them until you have your act
together. Ask questions and find out over time who has a
need and who doesn't.

Creep up on the business and you'll finish strong!

I think in MLM it's best to have as many things as
possible working for you. The Internet is a great tool for
building a list of prospects.

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