Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Twitter opportunity might not last forever so grab it now while you can.

Very basically here's the plan:

If you don't have the budget for a big dollar (or even a low dollar) AdWords campaign then you are best to start generating leads using Twitter.

Now, it's important to understand that Twitter does not really want their site used as a marketing vehicle, they want it to be an interactive, mini-instant messaging, conversational site where we build relationships.

Personally... I think Facebook is a much better venue for building friendships, so ask your Twitter friends to join you on FB. Those who want to be your friend will join you.

Here's where to become "my friend" on Facebook:

I don't know what Twitter's business plan is, I don't know how they make money, I don't even know if they are making money and I certainly don't know if Twitter will continue in it's present form.

But here's what I do know: Right now, today, you can use Twitter to generate several hundred leads a day for your business and you can ask them to subscribe to one of your autoresponder lists... and lots of them will.

Now you're really building your business. You can download your autoresponder leads to your hard drive and that is your property forever.

To find out how to do that I suggest you get my FREE book:

"How to use Twitter to Explode Your Business Online"

It truly is and there are no strings attached. Of course I'm in business so there are two tools that will help you immensely that I tell you about at the end, but there's no obligation to spend any money - that will be your choice.

So here's the program: "10 Sure fire Steps to Online Success"

1. Get my free book:

2. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to start and build your Twiter presence.

3. Preferably get a website and an auto-responder.

I use GoDaddy for my websites:

and AWeber for my Auto-responder:

4. Now start to send Tweets every day! I think you can safely send Tweets every 2 hours without alarming the Twitter bots but they are changing the rules every day so I can't promise this. I know I've had a couple of hard slaps for over Tweeting when I was testing their limits, so I take this seriously.

We want to be responsible entrepreneurs... we don't want to be offensive spammers.

5. Send Tweets that offer affiliate products or your own product: preferably via an opt-in page so you can add your site visitors to your auto-responder list, but otherwise link directly to your Affiliate Sales link. You can host hundreds of opt-in pages on the same website for $4 a month at GoDaddy.

6. Send Tweets about your Funded proposal.

Here's the one I use:

7. Send tweets with some personal info, humour or inspirational quotes.

8. Never send Tweets about your MLM opportunity - it's a real turnoff.

9. Start a Blog and send Tweets about posts you have made on your Blog.

Don't worry about your MLM - have some patience - people will be drawn to you and ask to join you.

Remember your primary goal is to build your list - if you make some sales along the way then that's an added bonus.

10. Recycle every thing - I will make a video of this message and post it on YouTube, I'll probably do an article, I'll post it on my Blog and I'll send it to my auto-responder lists.

That's all off the top of my head right now. There's lots more but this will get you started.

Let's Keep on Winning


Jim Keayes

Friday, June 12, 2009

Surefire Plan To Get 2107 Twitter Followers in 30 Days or Less!

Get all the details Here: "Surefire Plan to Get 2107 Twitter Followers in 30 Days!"

If you want to get a truly big list of followers (Britney spears has 4.5 million) then you'll need to "get some tools to automate the process". Fortunately lots of these are free and they are quite amazing in what they can do for you.

Why would you want to get 2107 Twitter followers
, and more, in 30 days! Is that a question you're asking?

Because Twitter is the single best marketing tool to came along ever… in my opinion.

So how to get these elusive followers?

You can do it the hard way or the easy way! I started out doing it the hard way and it was very time consuming… and frankly… boring! But I got over 2000 in my first month.

If you laboriously manually follow 150 new Twitterers a day on each of 2 profiles you should have over 2000 followers at the end of 30 days.

I initially did it this way and it was a lot of work and when the initial excitement wore off I was quickly "looking for a better way".

If you want to make a lot of money then you'll need lots and lots of followers... "You need to automate. Here's How!"

If you want to get a truly big list of followers (Britney spears has 4.5 million) then you'll need to "get some tools to automate the process". Fortunately lots of these are free and they are quite amazing in what they can do for you.

Get all the details Here: "Surefire Plan to Get 2107 Twitter Followers in 30 Days!"

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

This will Guarantee your Success Online

This really will Guarantee your Success Online.

Why do I say that?

Because it's simple, fast and the leads are FREE!

It's working for me so it will work for you too!!!

I recently sent you a link to my Blog Article on using Twitter to explode your business online - any business!

Well I have added something that really makes Twitter gush leads at an amazing rate.

Since I wrote that post a couple of weeks ago my Twitter followers have exploded to 20,000 and growing daily.

And all the leads are FREE!!!

And I'm going to show you how to do it too!

Using these FREE tools I am going to show you, you will be able to build a huge list of leads to show your business to or make offers of affiliate products or your own programs or products.

It's totally generic so you can apply it to whatever you choose.

I truly am surprised at how easy it is and how well it works.

Go here to get the details of how you can become involved:

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To read my first Blog Post go here:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"How to use Twitter to Explode Your Business Online!!!"

Twitter can literally change your life online if you do it right!

If you don't know about Twitter, it's the new social networking phenomenon and it's taking the world by storm - and you can generate thousands of leads for FREE!!!

I'm currently generating 500 to 1000 leads a day. I'll show you how I do it!


"How to use Twitter to Explode Your Business Online!!!"

Immediate Download Here - NO OPT-IN REQUIRED:

Email if I can help:

Keep on Winning

Once again, if you haven't already done so, go here and do your free enrollment. It commits you to nothing but how can you really evaluate the SFI program without doing this. It's like trying to swim on land!

Why do I absolutely believe you Will Be Successful With SFI!

Why do I absolutely believe you Will Be Successful With SFI?

Why do I believe you can do it?

Because I will show you how!

I'm doing it and Ewan Chia is doing it.

Why is that important?

Because Ewan is the "Number One" earning affiliate with SFI and the top Affiliate Marketer in the world.

Ewan would not be wasting his time on SFI if it wasn't extremely profitable for him to do so.

Follow what the leaders are doing!

So if you haven't already done so, go here and do your free enrollment. It commits you to nothing but you can't really evaluate the SFI program without doing this.

So how are you going to make money with SFI?

As I say in my book, you can sell product at retail and make money, but I don't want to pay the often high shipping costs.

So that's why I choose Network Builder and a monthly standing order to IAHBE.

Maintaining your Executive Affiliate status in the Network Builder program is the easiest way for you to make a lot of money... and I assume you want to make money?


Not only does IAHBE give us valuable information to help build our business, it's the lowest cost way to maintain your Executive Affiliate status.

Regularly recruiting affiliates onto your team who themselves become Executive Affiliates is how you make money... a lot of money! And if they go to work, They'll make money too!

So how do you get started?

I think that placing free ads on the Internet on the Free Ad Sites is probably your best way to begin.

If you can afford a pay-per-click program then that will bring pretty well immediate results... but pay per click can cost you $10 to $100 per month and more if you get aggressive. Even so, even a $10 per month investment in pay-per click will bring results.

But let's get back to Free Advertising online.

Where would you post your ad?

Well a good place to start is to Google a search phrase like this:

"free online ads best sites"

That will bring you 63 million entries to browse. Here are a few I found:

Then select "Earning Online" from the Category menu and then browse through "Home Business" and "Opportunities" to get a feel for how it all works.

What should your ad say?

Just make it similar to the ads already posted on the site. But not an exact copy - that wouldn't be productive.

There's also a big list here:

You get one week free then $57 for a full year. If money is an issue then keep browsing the free ones.

Here's one of their ads:


FHTM offers a business and compensation plan which can yield great financial rewards through the vehicle of network marketing.


Pretty boring really... don't you think?

I'd go with something a bit more upbeat. Maybe:


Make money online! Finally live the life of your dreams. You owe it to yourself to at least take a look!


If they won't let you use your affiliate link then put the link to your free Blog and direct them there and if they still don't like that then register a Domain Name at GoDaddy - it will cost you about $12 per year - and forward that domain to your SFI sign up page.

Work away at getting your ads online. Make your target to get your ad on 100 free-ad sites. The more you put up, the more traffic and the more leads you'll get.

SFI will capture the leads with their email address for you.

Once they are enrolled in your team you can send them an email directing them to my capture page to get my book and be enrolled in my training newsletter series... just like you are.

And don't worry - I'm not going to steal them from you. They're already enrolled with you.

The BIG ADVANTAGE for you is that I do all the training for you!

Next Email:

"How to use Twitter to Explode Your Business Online!!!"

If you don't know about Twitter, it's the new social networking phenomenon and it's taking the world by storm - and you can generate thousands of leads for FREE!!!

I'm currently generating 500 to 1000 leads a day. I'll show you how I do it!

Email if I can help:

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Once again, if you haven't already done so, go here and do your free enrollment. It commits you to nothing but how can you really evaluate the SFI program without doing this. It's like trying to swim on land!

Friday, May 29, 2009

You have my book... What's Your Next Step?

I am quite passionate about helping you to be successful in
business on the internet and I believe that the SFI Affiliate
Program deserves your serious consideration.

If you are indeed serious about creating a highly successful
and profitable business for yourself then your next step is

Start Your Test Drive Membership at SFI!

If you haven't already done so, then first go here to start
your Test Drive Membership

It costs you nothing - you don't give your credit card
number for anything but you get access to all the information
you can't otherwise get to. If you don't take this step
you're missing out... you'll never know what a great
opportunity you're passing up! If you don't want to get
involved that's fine... but at least understand what you're
saying no to.


I don't know about you, but when i joined SFI and went to
their website I couldn't find anything. It was more than
difficult. I couldn't figure out how it all worked, how to
get started, what would be the best program to enroll in, how
to qualify for commissions or what would be the best and most
profitable product to sell. The site just isn't easy to navigate, in
fact I still find it confusing at times.

So if you're finding it not totally clear... don't beat yourself
up... you're not alone.

But don't let that cause you to give up just when you're
getting started on the road to success.

You see... I knew from the experience of others that I talked with
that SFI really works so I dug into the website and came up
with a plan that gets results.

I work 100% on the internet unless someone gives me a phone

I'm here to make it easy for you! I've figured out what to
do and it works. My team is growing and I'm profitable!

I concluded that the big money would come from multiplying
my efforts, just like the big boys do, so I decided on the
Network Builder Program.

I decided that I would find, enroll, train and motivate a
large team of motivated entrepreneurs, just like you... and
in the process of helping you to succeed I would be moving my
own business forward.

The great Zig Ziglar, who's seminars I have attended many
times always says this:

"You can have anything you want in life as long as you help
enough other people get what they want."

So the job is to build a team via recruiting on the
internet. You can do it by talking with friends and family
and people you meet too but your big business will grow from
the internet... and it will be rejection free.

Here's What You Do - Step-by-Step:

1. Attract interested web visitors to your website or blog.

I use a webpage of my own, but if you're new to all of this
then your SFI webpage is easy and it will work just fine to

2. Convert them into Test Drive Members

3. Show them how easy it is to make money with SFI !

SFI is truly one of the only low cost, hands free, automated, turnkey
businesses I know of. Just set it up and it runs itself.

4. Train your team step-by-step in how to make it work.

You don't have to re-invent the wheel. you can simply copy my
emails to train your team step-by-step in how to make it work.

5. Teach your affiliates how to build and train a team of
their own

So please relax and embrace this once in a lifetime chance.

Here is an opportunity to accumulate a significant fortune
and I will show you exactly, step-by-step, how to do it and I
will be there with you every step of the way.

You're not on your own anymore... we're a team and we intend
to win.

Creating an Affiliate Marketing Business means that you
create or find a product and you enroll others to help you
sell that product for a commission.

That's what we're all about at SFI.

And at SFI the commissions are high, the work is easy and
the system is automated.

It costs you nothing to join for a month and take a look
around - find out if this is for you.

If you're looking for a low cost, easy, profitable business
that runs itself then this is something you definitely need
to explore.

Every business depends on the sale of a product or service
to generate its revenue... and SFI is no exception. No sales
no income!

If you came here looking for a job then that's not what
we're about at all. You'll never get wealthy in a job. The
truly wealthy people run their own businesses.

So once again... if you haven't already done so, then first
go here to start your Test Drive Membership.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here's How to Get Started with SFI

The first step, if you haven't already done so is to go here to start your Test Drive Membership.

It costs you nothing - you don't give your credit card number for anything but you
get access to all the information you can't otherwise get to.

The best way to make a lot of money with SFI is to choose the "Network Builder Program" and become an EXECUTIVE AFFILIATE (EA).

To make the big money with this program you will eventually need to make the decision to become an Executive Affiliate (EA). This will cost you less than $20 US per month - one of the lowest cost monthly commitments I have been able to find anywhere. This cost can be quite quickly covered by your income.

The lowest cost program to become and maintain your EA status is to join the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE).

The actual monthly cost for IAHBE is $29.95 but you earn approximately a $10 commission on your own purchase so your net monthly cost is less than $20.

IAHBE is a success coaching program. Besides a monthly newsletter you have access to the IAHBE website which has a wealth of "how-to" information to help you move forward with your business and your life.

The great advantage here is that because this is an online program there are no shipping costs, which as you know can be substantial.

The "potential" income is $100,000 per year and up.

Why do you need to commit $29.95 dollars per month?

You don't! You would only do this if you want to make the big money. You don't NEED to do anything. Nobody will be forcing you. But every business runs on making sales: no sales... no commission. So if we all invest in an IAHBE membership every month, it teaches us how to be successful and we all make money.

Your big income will flow from building a large network of associates who all invest $29.95 per month in their business.

You can certainly make money from selling product at the retail level, but if you want to make the big bucks... build a network.

I will teach you how!

There's lots of information in the Training Library.

Now I want you to go here:

login to your account, click on "Getting Started With SFI" and complete the first 7 steps - it takes very little time.

At step 4: "Choose the SFI product or program on which you wish to focus", you select The Network Builder Program (NBP).

Why The Network Builder Program (NBP)
BecauseThe Network Builder Program (NBP) is SFI's most popular program and it's where the big money is.

Building your own network of affiliates is a powerful way to create a substantial residual income stream that can continue to put money in your pocket, year after year.

It's easy to sign up affiliates because:

A) Almost everyone would like to earn extra money
B) Joining SFI won't cost you anything
C) SFI has 20-year track record of success

I am focused on building 100% on the internet - I suggest you consider doing the same. There's no rejection, it's extremely time and cost effective and will eventually run on autopilot.

You can become an EA without investing any of your own money. If you sell just one IAHBE retail membership per month you'll maintain automatic EA status for yourself and you'll get a $4.95 commission every month for as long as that membership continues.
With just 4 sales you are riding free!

But I don't want to lose my EA status and my in the matrix so I'm willing to invest the $19.95 US per month in my business to fulfill the EA requirement.

The simplest way to maintain your Executive Affiliate status is to simply enter a standing order for your IAHBE membership every month and get on with building your network.

But it's up to you. You can start as a basic associate and advance to EA if it's working for you. You can also maintain your EA status via retail sales.

Complete your seven Getting Started steps and continue on to Step 8 - The Path.

If you haven't already done so, then first go here to start your Test Drive Membership.

Then make sure you get my new book; otherwise you won't be enrolled in my online training course:

To build your business with minimum cost you are best to start a Blog and make posts at forums, write articles, join Facebook and Twitter etc. All of these are free. I'll tell you more about this as we go along.

There are other ways to do it, like Pay-per-Click advertising, but they cost a little more money. Let's do one thing at a time. I'll tell you about them soon.

To start a blog first open a Google account at:

Then go to

and begin to create your blog.

Start writing about SFI and Internet Business in your blog and find similar blogs and make posts to them to build links.

For ideas you can view my blog here.

Then go to Warrior Forum

and start making posts of your own. To start with you may just want to ask questions.

NOTE: Always include your profile so your readers are directed to your SFI link where they can join your team. You'll find mine at the end of all my articles.

Here's how one of my profiles looks:

If you'd like to learn more about how I do it and how you can build your own Business Online then I have just completed a new book: "The Perfect Online Business".

You can download it FREE here: " The Perfect Online Business "

Plus there's a goldmine of information in my other FREE book:

" How To Use The Secret Magic Of Article Writing To Start And Run A Successful Online Business".

Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people to be successful online.
Here are some articles I have written that will help you:

Critical Steps to Online Success - Pay-per-Click:!&id=578616

Critical Steps to Online Success - Getting Blog Traffic - Here's How to "Ping" Your Blog:!&id=632834

More later - email if you have any questions.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Make your Squeeze Page Sell-Don't get too Fancy with the Design.

Besides looking amateurish, a fussy site design will
confuse your visitor.

You've seen those sites with all sorts of graphics on the
background and lots of flash videos going off all over the
place. They demonstrate that the site designer knows their
stuff but the visitor has no idea what you want them to do;
and often the background graphics obscure your content so
it can't be easily read.

Keep it simple!

Choose one or two, maybe three colors and a couple of
fonts and stick with that design. Nothing looks worse than
a jumbled array of colors, fonts and styles. And absolutely
don't add textures or dark colored backgrounds; the test
becomes too difficult to read.

People like to get what they expect… what they're used to;
we don't really like surprises. Your visitors are used to
reading dark print on a light background… so give it to

Don't use more than three colors plus maybe some yellow
for highlighting; and make sure your colors are web safe.
Lot's of internet users are still working with computers
that have very basic video cards. If you go throwing
sophisticated color shades and tints at them you'll
completely lose the dramatic effect you were trying to
generate by the time a very basic VGA video card gets to
interpret it on the screen.

What are web safe colors?

Basically they're the original 16 colors that came with
Dos. If you just stick with your basic black, red, blue,
dark blue and yellow you'll never get into trouble with
font colors.

Your visitors came to your website because they were
searching for something on the web. They clicked on your
site listing in the search engine page. They really hope
you can fill their need.

Give them great sales copy that's easy to read and you're
half way there!

The big pros in this business make a lot of money online!

How about you?

You can Explode your MLM Online!

Learn the secrets the "Pros"
don't tell you! "Click Here"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

How to Make your Squeeze Page Sell-Create a Strong Call to Action

What exactly is a "Call to Action"?

If not the single most important element on your sales
page, then it's right up there with having a powerful
headline. There's no point getting visitors to your site if
they don't know what to do. If your visitor is confused
about what action you want them to take, they will get lost
in the confusion and leave.

Your sales copy must compel your visitors to action! And
it should be the action you desire. That's the whole
purpose of your sales page.

You don't get to have any personal interaction with your
potential buyers; you can't answer their questions and
handle their objections on the web. Your sales copy needs
to stand in for you… take your place; it has to do that job
on your behalf.

It's a vital role!

Your sales copy needs to tell your visitors what you have
to offer (your "feature" statement); it has to explain how
using your product will improve your visitors lives (your
"benefit" statement) and it has to create "value" in the
minds of your potential buyer. They have to feel that what
they will be getting is a bargain. If you can create strong
emotion around this…even better.

If your visitor can sense that you have their best
interests at heart, you have won half the battle. If your
sales copy is too slick and pushy you will turn them off.
Ninety-five percent of humans don't like to be sold. And
the five percent left are other sales people.

So speak directly to your visitor; let them know you
understand their needs. Let them know that providing
service and value is important to you.

You know the difference between "Features" and "Benefits"?

Features tell the reader what you have to offer. Benefits
are much more powerful… they tell them how your offer will
create a positive change in their lives.

A feature-benefit statement would go something like this:

This car has a smooth ride, but not too smooth. You wont
feel the bumps in the road but you'll still get the benefit
of great cornering!

Let your sales copy tell your visitors how your product or
service will be of benefit to them… and be sincere… no
smoke and mirrors! Make sure that what you are offering
will in fact live up to your promises or there won't be any
repeat business.

Do you want to learn the secrets the "Pros" use to generate
explosive growth in their MLMs?

To get the details... "Click Here"

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Make your Squeeze Page Sell- Don't Confuse Your Visitors!

Don't make your visitors guess what they're supposed to do
on your site. You must give them a strong call to action
and tell them exactly what they need to do to get the
benefits you outline! That's what a squeeze page is all

Next to having a powerful headline your call to action is
the most critical element of your sales page. There's no
point getting visitors to your site if they don't know what
to do. If your visitor is confused about what action you
want them to take, they will get lost in the confusion and

Layout the benefits for them in a way that will be easy
for them to understand. This isn't a contest where you
demonstrate your superior knowledge. Tell your visitor
"what's in it for them" in plain simple language.

It's a simple formula. You state the feature, follow it
with the benefit statement and then make the call to action.

Let's say you sell a stress-relief product. Your copy
might say something like this:

"After doing research and testing, I found a set of really
fabulous relaxation CD's that solved my recurring migraine
problems, improved my sleep, and increased my energy
levels-all in just a few days!

"Click here now to learn how these CD's can soothe your
troubles away and lead you to a more healthy and happy

As simple as that!

Remember that your visitors came to your website because
they were searching for something on the web and it looked
like you could provide it. They are wondering whether what
you have to offer will fill their need.

So make sure your copy is easy to read! I can't stress
this enough.

As far as fonts go my research tells me this: stick with
Verdana font in full strength colors for your text wherever
possible. Verdana is considered the best font for reading
online and even the very basic video cards can display it.
Times New Roman may be the default Microsoft Font but on
screen Verdana is easier to read.

Remember: You're not trying to amuse or entertain with
your site. Your goal is to sell! Give your visitors great
sales copy that's easy to read, tell them exactly how to
access your product and you're half way there.

Now once you have followers on your list you will want to
help them further.

If you would like to learn how to do this go to:

"Online MLM Success"

Keep on Winning



Monday, April 20, 2009

How To Generate Traffic Using A Squidoo Lens

Here's a great article by

What about Squidoo? Is it alive and well or has Twitter taken over?

Another way to market your business is to use social networking sites. Squidoo, just one of many, is considered a social networking site, however from an internet marketing perspective it is vastly different from the others. One key difference is that, Squidoo lets you sell blatantly without the worry of someone shutting you down. Another unique feature of Squidoo is it an adult social networking site. Thus, making it a great place to market your business as well as interact with other home internet business owners.

Squidoo allows you to create what's called a lens, which is basically an information portal about any topic you want. Squidoo also allows you to sign up and create as many lenses and categories as you want. You can very easily use these lenses to drive targeted traffic to your home internet business sites.

Once you have finished creating your lenses and specifically targeted to your home business niche, you then start socializing with other like minded marketers on this social networking site.

The secret to succeeding in using Squidoo is to provide information that is not only good information, but helpful information to people in your niche who are eager to receive that information. By using a good landing page you can effectively market as well as drive targeted traffic to your home-business opportunity. If you are already a respectable internet marketer then people will be more willing to buy an affiliate's product based on your recommendation.

How To Generate Traffic Using A Squidoo Lens

1. It is vitally important to put your main targeted keyword in your lens title. This is because lenses are pages and they can therefore rank in the search engines like your legitimate home internet business home page.

2. Choose a URL for your lens with your primary keyword. Do remember this, as it will help your search engine rankings too, because that URL is what you'll link to from other places.

3. Tag your lens with other long tail keyword. Look for the Squidoo lens creation wizard to give you the chance to do this when you first set up your lens.

4. One of the most important things you should remember is to add an RSS feed so as to make your lenses popular with search engines. There's a Squidoo module for RSS feeds, and search engines just love that kind of unique, frequently changing content.

5. Update you lens several times a week at minimum. You don't need to make major changes but quick and easy ones, just tweaking a little here and there and click publish. Although an RSS feed will help this, it is equally important that you also add hot new content in your lens.

6. When Squidoo masters recommend you to create many lenses, they actually meant create more specialized lenses based on long tail keywords in your niche. As you would already have a list of your keywords for your niche, you should start to dominate them. If you have a lens on work at home business, for example, you could create a more specialized lens call Work At Home Business For Retirees.

7. Link your related lenses to each other. This is a good technique as it is known to be good traffic building tip. You also build more links and more links means more visitors which ultimately gives you a higher ranking for your Squidoo lenses.

8. Use your lens like it's your blog and link to your legitimate home internet business sites. This is such an easy yet powerful technique. Search engines love Squidoo and so links from a high-ranking lens to your work at home business site can really boost your traffic.

9. Remember that Squidoo is firstly a social networking site so get sociable by visiting other internet marketer's lenses to give comments on their guest book. This also gets you one way links which generate traffic for you too.

10. Now, the trick to Squidoo is to not only have proper keywords in your lens, but to add many keywords to your lens. If your lenses sells a product, more traffic translate to more sales. You can check out what keywords people are typing in the search engines to arrive at your lens and easily add those keywords to your list.

11. Here is the final secret you an use. Mark your lens useful. One good way to make your lens useful is to present your information as a "how-to" lesson within your topic. This helps you build a good lens and your audience finds what they are looking for easily.

Okay! So now you've got your leads... what are you going to do with them?

Here's the best kept secret in Online Marketing

"Online MLM Success Now!"

Let's Keep on Winning



Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What sort of emails should I send to my downline?

Here's an excerpt from a great little article by Gery Carson, the founder of SFI:

What sort of emails should I send to my downline to get them to upgrade?

If you overdo the persuasion emails you may be painting yourself in your affiliates eyes as someone who is just in it for "selfish" reasons—that you're just wanting them to upgrade so YOU can "make some money off them."

And if that's what they think...guess what? You're going to get the OPPOSITE of what you are after. You're going to be actually having your affiliates shutting the door on you and SFI altogether. Not good!

Here's what you SHOULD be doing:

There's an old saying that people don't care what you say until they know you care, and it applies perfectly here. If your affiliates get the impression in any way that you just want to "make money off them," they're going to resent you, and they're not going to want to do anything to help you, which would of course include upgrading.

Therefore, your approach should ALWAYS be:


All of your messages should revolve around this. Make sure that this theme comes through loud and clear! Don't even bring up upgrading. Let SFI be the one that "twists arms." You stick totally to things like:

  • "Do you have any questions I can answer for you?"

  • "Is there anything I can clarify for you about the SFI Powerline program?"

  • "Have you been to the DBoard lately? There's a great thread there on how to X."

  • "If there's anything I can help you with, don't hesitate to ask."

  • and so on.

This is how you will engage your affiliates and build the critical relationships you need to create a thriving team.

Your own newsletter, mailed out 2 to 4 times a month, is also a superb way to stay in touch while providing helpful tips, training, and ideas. And what does such a newsletter say to your affiliates? It says you're working hard to provide them with the information they need to succeed. Not YOU, but THEM. And it says, "I'm here to help."

Help them...and you help yourself. The more people you help, the more successful you'll be.

Message from Jim Keayes:

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

How to Make a Fortune Promoting Other People's Products

Here's a great Article:

By Jimmy D. Brown of

There must be a reason why some affiliates succeed and some
fail, a reason why some affiliates profit moderately and some
affiliates profit substantially.

There must be a reason.

There is.

And that reason is this: "super" affiliates start, sustain and
strengthen relationships with subscribers.

It begins and ends with a list. Even a small one can be a
powerful, profitable mechanism if you follow these 7


Instead of sending traffic directly to your affiliate link,
send them to YOUR site where you offer some kind of list for
them to join. (Hint: Mini-course works best) Once you have
them on a list, they become an asset. If you send them directly
to an affiliate page and they don't buy, they're gone forever.
On your list, you can follow-up with them

Note: You can even redirect them to your affiliate link AFTER
they join your list, effectively getting them where you wanted
them to go in the first place.


Instead of sending out the same, tired, lame advertisement that
every other affiliate in the world sends out, write your own.
Trust me when I say that many people find it OFFENSIVE when
they receive two dozens duplicate emails from two dozen list
owners all promoting the exact same thing in the exact same way.
And even if they don't find it offensive, it's not as effective
if you simply rinse and repeat what everyone else is doing.

Hint: Here's how you differentiate...


Nothing - nothing - nothing speaks louder than RESULTS. If you
want to lose a few pounds, who do you turn to? Someone who is
still struggling with their own weight or someone you've seen
drop 35 pounds? Exactly.

The way you make your mailings / ads different is you speak
from your own personal experience. This product or service that
you are promoting as an affiliate, how has it been useful to you
personally? What results have you personally achieved? When you
used it, what happened?

Note: If you haven't personally used the product, then shame
on you for trying to make a quick buck from it hocking it to


Another way to be different - and to dramatically increase your
chances of getting a sale as an affiliate - is to offer some
kind of compelling incentive if someone buys the offer through
YOUR referral link. Whether it's a special report or access to
an audio recording, personalized consultation or advertising, a
private training call or existing products and services, this
can be a highly effective method of converting fence-setters
into paying customers.

In order for it to work well, it must be UNIQUE (I.E. You're
the only one making the offer) and USEFUL (I.E. Something of
great perceived value to the reader).

Note: Don't have anything to offer? Don't worry! There are
many ways to easily obtain extra incentives: conduct an
interview, hire a ghostwriter to create articles / reports for
you, buy reprint rights to other products, assemble a bunch of
free articles and other resources into a private access site,


Rather than exhaust your efforts on purchases that give you a
one-time commission, why not make the most of your marketing by
looking firstly for offers that pay out ONGOING monthly
commissions for your referred sales?

There are many different residual income generating services
such as membership sites (ranging from PT Cruisers to weight
loss), stock photos and clipart, hosting, autoresponders,
databases (from hiking trails to sermon outlines) online
magazines and a variety of other subscription based
opportunities that reward you with monthly recurring commissions.

While you definitely want a mix of types of affiliate programs
to promote, your priority should be in identifying and promoting
those services and programs that will pay you month after month,
instead of only one time.


One of the biggest untapped sources of income in any list is
that of "turning subscribers into partners". In other words,
find those on your list who are interested in making money and
provide them with training and materials to promote affiliate
programs as well.

This has a two-fold advantage for YOU:

* First, if you find 2-tier affiliate programs, you can get
your subscribers to join the program through your referral.
Anytime they get a sale, you'll earn a commission as well. You
effectively get free commissions from their effort.

* Secondly, you can use their efforts to build your own assets.
For example: If you provide them with a 10-page report to give
away to promote their affiliate link, you can include a page in
the report promoting YOUR list! You effectively get free
subscribers from their effort.


As your own list continues to grow, you certainly want to
diversify in your offerings. (Not to the point of bombarding
your list with offers every day of course!)

* Promote other affiliate programs.
* Create your own products.
(Even short $10 reports will earn profit!)
* Establish joint ventures.
* Co-author products.
* Cross promote.
* Conduct surveys.

There are MANY ways to make money from you list and keep your
list growing, growing, growing!

Remember, it all comes down to: starting, sustaining and
strengthening relationships with subscribers.

And that's how you make a fortune as an affiliate promoting
other people's products.

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Friday, February 27, 2009

How To Use Facebook To Explode Your MLM - Part 3

I've been out of town and dealing with a family crisis so I've been off the air for a couple of weeks - sorry about that.

But here I am back again.

So let's get to it - I'll keep this simple and brief.

Here's how you can use Facebook to generate leads for your Online Biz

1. Join Facebook... if you haven't already done that.

2. Decide what "Niche" you want to work in.

For my Facebook Group "MLM On A Shoe String Budget – EASILY Get 50 To 100 FREE Leads Every Day", I've obviously chosen the niche of "Online MLM".

3. Now you need to generate a list of friends.

There are several ways to do this, but asking the Friends of "Online MLM Guru's" to be your friend is a good way to get started with targeted, qualified prospects.

Go to Google and search "MLM Guru" and then search for them on Facebook - you want someone with more than 500 friends.

Go to "Facebook Search" and search for MLM (or your niche, like "weight loss" for example) and find a guru that has a Facebook presence.

OR... Find a group in your niche with more than 200 members.

Invite the members of this group or the friends of the guru to be your friends too. Just click on "View Friends" and then click "Add as Friend".


It's important to add a message with your friend request or you will trigger the Facebook monitors and they may shut you down if you do too much.

Change your message every 5 to 10 Friend requests and don't do more than 20 to 25 at a time or Facebook will send you a warning or shut you down for a while. And you probably shouldn't do more than 50 a day.

If you do 50 a day and 10 become friends then you will get 300 friends a month.

4. Start a GROUP with a title that contains search keywords so other Facebook members can find you.

5. Open your Group and click "Invite People to Join".

A list of your Friends will appear at the top right had side - click on your friends and a list will be created. Remember to do no more than 25 at a time here too. Facebook monitors how much time you spend on a repetitive activity.

Create a nice brief little invitation message - remember to include your "Group URL" and send of the mesage to 50 friends a day.

Once you have members in your group you can click the link "Message all Members" and send out your sales and educational messages.

6. Post to your "What are you doing now" message at least 3 times a day and comment on others pics and videos.

Duplicate your efforts by turning your group messages into an article. I will publish this message on Ezine Articles later today.

If you would like to know where to send your friends and group members for maximum success then visit my site:

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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Market your MLM on Facebook - Part 2

Hi There

In Part 1 of this series we talked about the concept that “you are the product” you’re really marketing and we talked about leadership… most people are looking for a leader to show them the way and you need to become that leader if you want to move forward in your online endeavors.

We all arrive here with differing levels of leadership skills and the job is to build that up. Of course we need knowledge – the “how-to” component of how to make this work online – but we need more than that.

Our main marketing tools are text (like this post), videos and advertising (preferably free) and you may think that advertising and text don’t need leadership.

But really they do!

People can feel your level of self esteem in your writing and even when you attract people via advertising you need to eventually communicate with them in some way – emails being a good example. And certainly your videos will be a dead giveaway if you lack confidence.

Now, if you’re a person who is not confident dealing with people face to face, we have some good news. Online you don’t need to!

You don’t NEED to make videos until you’re ready to go live.

The greatest confidence builder you can have is to learn by doing. Get to know your subject – I’m going to coach you in that. Write some articles to improve your writing skills.
As your skill level grows and you have some small (or big) successes your confidence will grow right along with it.

And here’s where you can get 25 FREE lessons on how to do it:

See you on the inside.

Look out for Part 3 of this series.

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Market your MLM on Facebook - Part 1

Hello to you all of my friends:

How's today working out for you so far?

Do you want to know the SECRET of The TOP PRODUCERS?
The one little secret that if you apply and master
will instantly catapult your business to new heights?


And its actually a lot easier than you might think...

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So how do you market on Facebook?

Well Step 1 is that you never ever, ever send anyone an invite to join you MLM and you never send them to your MLM company website... unless of course someone asks you for information.

Why is that?

Pretty simple... We've all got our own and we don't want another juice or vitamin or plankton or whatever.

I receive these invites all the time, every day. Most MLM's are pretty much the same. Most of the products are great quality and the pay plans kick out about the same amount of commission.

What do "you" do when you receive an invitation like this?

You ignore it... right?

You are already passionate about your own opportunity!

So if not your MLM then what do you market?

You have to market YOU! Everyone is looking for a leader and if you stand out from the crowd then people will seek you out if you give them value for their time.

"And what do I have to offer as a leader", you ask?

Well, no matter how little value you place on yourself, if you've been in an MLM for one week you already know more than the person who just joined. You have something to teach them. And you have other life skills from your profession, your family and just life in general. You really do have a lot to share.

And as we progress together here you'll have a whole lot more. You just need to do some learning and the more you learn the more like a leader you'll feel. Thirty years ago when got into sales I didn't have a clue. Ditto for 10 years ago in MLM. Now I know the ropes and so will you.

Get your 25 FREE LESSONS - it's all in here. Then teach that to others.

Go here and take the test drive - it's only a dollar and you get the lessons regardless of whether you choose to convert to full membership or not.

See you on the inside.

Look out for Part 2 of this series.

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