Saturday, June 30, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success-Use RSS Feeds and Press Releases to expand your web presence.

If there's one thing that will kick start your site SEO
rankings it's adding an RSS feed on one of your website

Write a bunch of articles and publish them at "Ezine
Articles". Then just go to "Ezine Articles", grab their RSS
script and add it to one of your web pages - call the web
page "Free Articles" or something similar.

Like magic all of your articles will appear on your page.

Once you do that the spiders will pick up the link and add
more entries for your site.

And here's another trick I discovered by accident…because
the link showed up when I googled my site URL to check my

Put links to powerful Affiliate products on one of your
web pages-I call mine Affiliate Products. The search
engines will pick it up because of the SEO rating of the
big time affiliate site and index your site.

The outcome for you?'ve added another link!

Another good link generating strategy is to write a press
release whenever you do something of note like publish
another eBook or launch a new site or anything else of

A good press release that makes it to publication is a
great tool for website promotion.
Take the effort to learn how to do it properly-you'll be
well rewarded.

Here are the basic guidelines:

* Have a story to tell: Did you just release a new eBook

* Think like a Freelance Correspondent: Why would an
editor publish your story? Your headline is the main
benefit statement. In the body answer: what happened, who
was there, where, when and why?

* Format the press release properly: there's plenty of
articles on how to do this-just search on Google.

* Keep it brief! Check out some other press releases to
get an idea of length.

* Promote your press release online: Use a free online
press release service.

A good one is

Here's what their website says:

"PRWeb is the recognized leader in online news and press
release distribution service for small and medium-sized
businesses and corporate communications. PRWeb pioneered
Free Press Release Distribution and continues to set the
standard for online news distribution."

That's a few ideas to get you started…

Keep on winning



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Critical Steps to Online Success--More Ways to Promote your Blog

If your Blog is just a fun thing you do on the side then
this article doesn't have much relevance for you unless
you're really keen to expand your readership. But if you're
in business with your Blog; if your blog is a key element
in your online marketing strategy, then promoting your Blog
is very serious business.

Do anything and everything you can do to get more visitors
and more links to you…every little bit counts.

Here are a couple of reasons why it's important:

1. You'll get more people reading your articles and
eventually more names on your list.

2. You'll add inbound links that add to your ranking with
the Search Engines.

So it's a good thing to do!

Need even more traffic to your Blog?

Try It's 100% free to join.

Here you can join a blogging community--other people can
find and read your blog, get reviews etc. BlogExplosion is
a great way to expand the number of people that read your

Here are some further tips from

* Tweak your blog. There are three basic categories-
settings, techniques, marketing.

* Set your blog to ping It's a blog update
notification service.

* Activate Your Navbar. Visitors really like the "Next
Blog" button.

* Install Email This Post: It's a convenient way for
others to publicize your blog for you.

* Turn on Post Pages: This ensures you are publishing
every post as its very own web page; your entries become
way more link-able and more attractive to search engines.

* Turn on your site feed: visitors will be able to
subscribe to your site feed and automatically read your

* Add your blog to Blogger's listings: When you add your
blog to the blog listings it shows up in Nextblog, Recently
Updated, and other places. It's like opting-in to
traffic…another good thing to do…

I keep running across new ideas daily and so can you if
you search the web for ways to increase your traffic. But
these few ideas will get you started…

Keep on winning



Do you want to learn how you can get off to a quick start
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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He coaches
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Critical Steps to Online Success-Even More Ways to Get Blog Traffic

You've got your Blog up and running, you've been making
posts regularly…but your "Hit Counter" says you're not
getting much traffic!

What else can you do to increase the number of visitors to
your Blog.

Here are some ideas:

Start your own "Wikizine".


Add Your Blog to Zimbio!

What is Zimbio all about? you might ask:

Zimbio offers thousands of "wikizines" about a wide range
of topics, covering both popular culture and special

"Wikizines" are interactive magazines that anyone can
create or edit. They're a mix of technology, mainstream
media, and participatory journalism - so people can either
check out the best stuff that other folks posted about a
topic, or they can add articles, pictures, or videos

Zimbio helps you Syndicate Your Blog…reach a wider
audience and promote your website. It's a community site
where you can research and learn about whatever interests

How will Zimbio help your Blog?

You'll be able to create your own "wikizines" and post your
blog articles to it. More exposure equals more traffic.

How do you get started?

Go to "" and register. You'll be forwarded to a
webpage that says:

"Welcome to Zimbio! Enter your blog URL and we'll do the

Once you add your blog URL to your profile and select
"Promote My Blog" then Zimbio will automatically post your
articles to related wikizines.

And now the fun part begins because you get to create (if
you choose) your own very professional new wikizine site
devoted to the topics you have chosen.

My "wikizine" is called "Critical Steps to Online Success"
and I cover Internet Marketing, Network Marketing and
Affiliate Marketing.

Once you have your Wikizine up and running you just go to
your "dashboard" and start adding articles from your blog.
Time to get started?…what will your wikizine deal with?...

Learn the "3 Surefire Ways to make Money Online"

Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people
to be successful online.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success -Getting Blog Traffic--"Ping" your Blog.

So you've published your 5 articles on your blog and
you're waiting for results…but nothing seems to be happening…

First Question: Do you have a "Hit Counter" on your Blog?"

If you can't measure the "hits" to your site, how can you
know what's going on? You can get a hit counter by Googling
the term "Add a Hit Counter to your Blog".

If you are using then just go to their Help
menu and you'll find directions. Now you can see how many
visitors you're getting, you can start to add some traffic
generation add-ons to your Blog.

The first and easiest thing you will want to do is to add
a new post every day and then update your Blog on all of
the major Search Engines.

The easiest way to do this is to "Ping" your Blog every
time you update it with new material. Pinging simply
notifies from 10 to 50 or so of the top search engines that
there is new material on your blog and increases the likely
hood that their "spiders" will visit. (Spiders are the
little routines operated by the search engines that run
around on the web searching and indexing all of the sites
for SEO relevancy).

This is a good thing-you can't get your
site indexed until you have a visit from the spiders and to
maintain your ranking you need new material to keep them
coming back.

To "Ping" you Blog you simply register with the Ping
services, select the sites you want to have pinged and
press "ping".

And Bingo…you're starting to become visible on the web.

Here are some of the top Ping engines:



King Ping:

For all that, it would seem that Ping-o-matic is the most
popular and gets the job done. But if you're trying to
squeeze more traffic then these others may help. I haven't
done enough testing to have a definitive answer for you.

Keep on winning



Thursday, June 28, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success--So I've got my Blog…What Now?

What about that Blog…pretty exciting, huh?

There you are live on the net for everyone to read. I must
admit I felt a twinge of embarrassment when I realized how
visible I could become.

As I said in an earlier article, make good use of your
blog. You control the publication here. You are the one who
approves the submissions. Turn your Blog posts into emails
to your list and into articles if there's enough meat on
them. Post your emails on your Blog.

Your next step is to begin to post all of your articles,
one by one, to your Blog. Don't worry about formatting or
fonts or anything like that for now. Just get the content
posted. Newsletter and Ezine editors will begin to pick up
your articles from your Blog and your Blog traffic will
grow, very slowly but steadily.

And put a hit counter on your blog-you'll want to be able
to measure the traffic.

Go to your Help menu, select the Help Center, scroll down
the page to Advanced Use and choose Add-ons. At the top of
that menu will be "Hit Counter and Statistics" which takes
you to a page of hit counters.

I use "Bravenet"-it's free and they provide a
comprehensive array of stats about you Blog visitors. Go to
their site and grab the code to attach to your blog. Just
copy it to the clipboard. Then go to your Blog and open the
Dashboard, select Layout and then "Add a Page Element".

Now Find the link for 'HTML/Javascript' and click on the
'Add to Blog' link to access the text field. Then just
paste the code into the content box, enter "Hit Counter" in
the title box and "Save Changes". The hit counter will now
show up at the top of your Blog page.

That's it…you're live with your very own Blog. Just keep
on posting…every day is best! Keep on Winning



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Critical Steps to Online Success-Publish a Blog

Why on earth would anyone want to publish a Blog? you
might ask.

Well, some people do it because they have an urge to
communicate their thoughts to the world…and that's a fine
thing to do…it's nice to read what other ordinary people
are thinking rather than the often slanted views of the
popular press.

But we are in business, you and I. We want to publish a
Blog for two reasons.

The first is let out readers get some insight into who we
are…to get to know us…people are more likely to do business
with people they feel comfortable with and trust. The
second reason is that we want to create another outlet for
our article writing.

Turn your Blog posts into emails to your list and into
articles if there's enough meat on them. Post your emails
on your Blog. Post your Newsletter to your Blog.

And always, always, post your articles on your blog. You
can even sell your products from your Blog. You see how
it's going round and round here-one hand washes the other-
and your web presence grows.

The easiest way to start a blog is to go to
and register. It takes about 5 minutes once you select a
name and a template for your site. Go to the Dashboard and
select the Templates tab to find a template you like. You
can edit the fonts etc.

Now select the Settings tab and work through each of the
tabs there to set up your defaults. You'll find the Help
menu is quite comprehensive.

That's it…your blog is live on the web and now you need to
get some cont in there.

Keep on Winning



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Critical Steps to Online Success--Submit your articles to 5 or 6 Article Directories.

Let me tell you…submitting your articles to article
directories can be quite the time consuming experience. But
it has to be done because that's how you get your exposure
to the readers.

After readers, no list!

It probably takes 5 to 10 minutes per article, but after a
while you develop an assembly line mind set and you just
roll through it. You quickly learn the quirks of each of
the directories you are listing with.

Ezine Articles has the most stringent requirements but
gives you better reader response, by far, than any of the
other directories and very detailed article performance
stats. is the URL.

If you are strapped for time you could choose to just list
with this one directory. I estimate you get 5 to 10 times
the readership from Ezine Articles than from any of the
others. But you can double your exposure by submitting to
another 5 directories and it takes less time and mental
output to submit an article than it does to write one.

A few of the bigger directories are:

Ezine Articles
Go Articles
Article Dashboard
Article Alley
Article Base
Easy Articles

Typically all of the directories want you to submit
articles between approximately 250 words and 1250 to 1500
words in length. Your text should be created in a text
editor, not in MS word because the Word formatting and
quotation marks can destroy your articles appearance on

Most want you to wrap your text at around 65 characters
per line but Article Dashboard does not accept articles
with hard line breaks.

A good text editor can help immensely here-you'll need
something more powerful that MS Notepad if you don't want
to be counting each line. Lots of the directories won't
accept hard returns at the end of lines anyway.

You need to supply a personal profile or a "resource box"
as it is called which is appended at the end of the
article. This should contain your contact information
(email and website) a brief sentence about who you are if
you like and a link to your opt-in box with the offer of a
free gift.

You can do something like mine (see below) or you can just
search through some of the articles on this site and you'll
get the idea.

Keep on Winning



Do you want to learn how you can get off to a quick start
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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He coaches
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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success—Hit it Big with Article Writing

Article writing can be very demanding. Along the way you
will get dispirited…you'll want to lie down and give up. In
the early stages it takes much more effort than we expect.
Most of us are not naturally good writers so there are
skills to be acquired and new work habits to be developed.

Article writing as a source of leads for your online
business will surely challenge you to dig down, suck in and
just keep on going.

But it will be worth it!

Why? Because it works!

How does it work? It works because of two things.

1. The big article Directories have very high SEO rankings
so you can piggyback on their success to get your site
noticed. People searching will find your article. On your
own it could take years.

2. With 10 or 20 articles in the works your website will
be miraculously indexed by the search engines because of
your links to the big article directories…you're on the map.

3. Other Ezine and Newsletter publishers pick up your
article and run it in their publication and put it on their
site. Others see it on their site and do the same etc. etc.

It just grows and grows!

Article writing will return your effort 100 fold…and in
quite a short space of time. But it's like Network
Marketing; painfully slow to start, but for those who stick
around…the really big payoff!

With article writing you can hit pay dirt in 12 months or
less if you are able to stay focused and committed.

Here's why it works so well:

First off-there's not much competition. Lot's of writers
get started but they fall off the path. Not too many people
are willing to go blindly into the future, performing a
demanding task day after day with no noticeable payoff for
quite a while.

For a while you have to be happy with milestones…how many
people read my articles today? Is my readership growing?
(the directories will provide these stats for you).

Most people are looking for the quick fix. You see it
everywhere…just send your money and we'll build your
business for you.

Folks it doesn't work like that. Most millionaires are
business owners and they spent a lifetime steadily building
their businesses to get there.

So when you become a committed article writer you join a
select community of winners who are willing to go forward
in faith until the results show up.

If you stay the course you will be rewarded!

It takes time and commitment to write and publish 200
articles. You need 200 articles in circulation to get
enough readers clicking your link, visiting your site,
accepting your offer and opting-in to your list.

With 20 articles published you may have only 5 people
added to your list and quit writing in despair…don't do
that, don't give up. You're almost there.

The growth will be exponential! Here's how it might happen.

With 40 articles your list can grow to 200 plus-with 100
you can have 500 on your list and with 200 articles your
list may have grown as big as 2000 subscribers.(PLEASE
NOTE:these numbers are just guesstimates. Don't take this
as a promise that this is exactly how it will happen for

Now you're starting to make some worthwhile income.

If you write just 2 articles a day you can have 200
articles in publication by the end of 3 months.

Once the money starts to flow there'll be no looking back.

Here's the challenge. Can you go the distance? Can you dig
in until it starts to happen for you?

Keep on Winning



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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success - Create simple Web pages with MS Word

You can generate web pages using MS Word.

You don't need to know any HTML. It's quite simple for a
basic web page and they work really well.

Here's what you do…

Open a Word Document and Click "Insert" and then "Text Box".
A light grey box will appear on the page and your cursor
will become a little plus sign. Just position the Cursor
inside the gray box and drag it to draw a box the size you
want---say 6 inches (15 cm) square.

Now click on the box and center it using the centering
icon on the tool bar.

Now just start typing inside that box.

Some useful tips:

* Don't use the Tab key.
* Don't use quotation marks
* Use italics where you normally use quotes
* Don't enter a string of spaces.

You might type something like this:



Just click the link below and your FREE BOOK will open

Then just save it to your Hard Drive

Click Here-This is your Download Link

Then just Center the text; use Verdana Bold font (you get
less issues for your visitors with a standard font); resize
the various lines and do the text in different websafe
colors…red,black and blue.

Now you want to highlight the line " Click Here-This is
your Download
Link", right click and select "Hyperlink". The Hyperlink
dialogue box will open and you type your webpage address
into the "Address Box" at the bottom.

I find it's best to enter the full web address:

Eg: ""

It can really be just that simple!

Click "File" and "Save As" and save it as a HTML file
(Word gives you this option).

NOTE: Don't select "Save as Webpage". This creates a
".mht" file which won't work so well for you.

You can call it "DownloadPage.html" or whatever else makes
you happy.

Now you want to check that everything is working fine so
go to Windows Explorer and double click on your HTML file
and it will open as a web page.

If the Text Box isn't centered then go back to the Word
Doc and center it again and re-save as HTML.

For a Squeeze Page you can Google "Free Squeeze Page
Software" and get a program that will produce a nice
professional looking "Squeeze Page" for you. You can then
open the HTML file in Microsoft Office Word (just "Right
Click" the file and select "open with" and then "Microsoft
Office Word") and edit it from there. Or you can get some
Free webpage "templates" and edit them in Word or a simple
HTML editor (again there's lots of free ones out there).

If you use Word to edit you just re-save the file as an
HTML file (not a Word file) and you're ready to rock and

Don't forget when you upload your files to also upload the
"Files Folder" that was created when you saved your Word
Doc as a HTML file. If you called your file
"DownloadPage.html" then the folder will be called

Keep on winning



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Critical Steps to Online Success - Websites built with MS FrontPage--How to FTP to your server

Let's be upfront here-I don't like working with Microsoft
Front Page-I find it clunky and restrictive.

Front Page generates some additional code that can get in
your way when you're uploading and editing your files on
your FTP server.

Windows-compatible FrontPage CD's will all come with Web
Publishing Wizard (WPW). However (and it's a big "however")
you can only use WPW to "upload" to your FTP server, you
can't view the contents of your server directories and you
can't move or delete any of the files with this software.
It's probably easier if you install and use a standard FTP
software package. You can find Free ones on Google.

But be aware…FrontPage generates standard HTML files, but
there's some additional Microsoft-specific code embedded in
the page.

If you have installed the FrontPage Extensions, don't try
to FTP files up to the server with anything except the MS
Web Publishing Wizard (but then of course you can't
manipulate them-or so I understand-I've not used the
extensions for this very reason).

If you wish to upload files via a standard FTP package,
please remember to "uninstall the extensions" before

This is a fairly straight forward process but not totally
simple. We don't have time to get into it here so I suggest
you go to Google and search for articles on "How to Remove
the Microsoft FrontPage Extensions".

You can get a really good "FTP add-on" as an extension of
the browser "FireFox" from Mozilla a great browser by the
way). This package is free and comes highly recommended
although I have not used it-I just use MS Windows Explorer
(I like to keep it simple).

All that being said, I have always found "Front Page" to
be very annoying and restrictive to use, so I don't use it
anymore. I used it years back when it came bundled with
Windows 2000 and I didn't want to buy another program. Now
you have to buy it as an additional package-it doesn't come
bundled with Windows XP. So why not get something more
flexible to work with.

Keep on winning



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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He coaches
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Critical Steps to Online Success - Launch your First Website-Upload to your FTP site

If this is your first website you'll want to keep it
pretty simple for now…just an "Opt-in Page" and a
"Download Page". You can add more later, but right now
we want to get you on the road.

If you're ready to upload your pages to your site, then by
now you will need to have designed your pages, tested the
links, tested your Opt-in form with your autoresponder,
selected and registered your "Domain Name", chosen and
registered with a Hosting Service Provider (such as GoDaddy
or Host Gator etc), opened your Hosting Account and finally
tested and found that your site is now live and ready to
have pages uploaded.

If you are working with GoDaddy (which I do because that's
where I started and I like it) and you built your webpage
with Dreamweaver or a simple HTML Editor you can simply use
Windows Explorer (the Windows file manager program).

You open your FTP website in MS Internet Explorer (note:
it has to be IE for this to work-you can't use Firefox

Remember to use the "FTP" prefix instead of the usual

Eg: ""

All you have to do now is copy and paste your files from
your hard drive to the server directory and you're done.
If you have created your web pages using "Microsoft Front
Page" it's a bit more complex. You need to use some FTP
(File Transfer Protocol) software to upload your files.
It's a quite a bit more hassle to upload (we call it FTP)
your files to your site.

If you can, I recommend finding other web creation
software to work with (that's just my personal
preference…you may love it). Front Page may be easy to
create pages with but I've found it to be much more
annoying when you want to edit your site files and

This process with Front Page involves quite a bit of
detail so I'll treat it in a later article.

Keep on winning



Do you want to learn how you can get off to a quick start
in Internet Marketing? Then read my fast start guide "3
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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He coaches
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Critical Steps to Online Success - Launch your First Website-How to get it Hosted

Critical Steps to Online Success - Launch your First Website-How to get it Hosted

This is your website-did you build it yourself--how many
pages have you designed?

If this is your first website and you are just getting
started at Internet Marketing you will only need to have 2
pages on your site: a "Sales or Offering" page for you
free giveaway plus your "Download" Page.

If you did it all yourself then it's probably up to you to
get it live on the web.

There are lots of hosting services available to you. Here
are a couple of ideas:

There are affordable solutions at "Host Gator" for hosting
($7.99 per month for hosting-a bit pricy) and Domain Condo
to register your domain ($3.99 to register--about as cheap
as it gets--and $3.99 per month for hosting-- recent

I have used Network Solutions. They are the biggest I
understand but I find them quite expensive comparatively
and mostly slow and clunky. But that may not be everyone's

I now use "GoDaddy" pretty much exclusively and am very
happy with them-easy to use once you find your way around
and great support. A bare bones package is $7.99 to
register a domain and $3.99 per month for hosting.
Are the ones I mention above a better service than
GoDaddy? Honestly I don't know…I've never used them.
Once you have selected and registered your domain name
there will be a delay of 10 minutes to a couple of hours
before that domain is active.

You can then proceed to open a hosting account (for a
monthly fee). There will be another delay of 10 minutes to
a couple of hours before the domain is finally accessible.
The hosting company will send you an email with your
access information and password.

Now you can begin to upload your files to your web pages.
Keep on winning



Do you want to learn how you can get off to a quick start
in Internet Marketing? Then read my fast start guide "3
Surefire Ways to Make Money Online".

Download it free here:

Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He coaches
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Critical Steps to Online Success - Launch your First Website-How do you get a Domain Name?

What exactly do you need to do to get your website up and
live on the web?

Let's take a quick look at some terminology.

When you launch or publish your website to the web you
have two basic choices. Either you use your own server (not
a good idea unless you're seriously web and computer savvy
and have a powerful server) or you use a Web Hosting
Service Provider. For a small monthly fee these companies
will provide you with space on their hosting servers and
take care of all of the intricacies of getting your site up
and keeping it active.

But before you can get your website "hosted" you will need
select and register a "domain name" for your website.

A domain name is the body of the website URL you choose.
The part between the "www" and the ".com" plus it also
includes the extension like ".com" or ".net" etc. You might
find that "" is already registered to someone else
but "" is available…unlikely because "john" is such
a popular name.

These days you need to go through quite a number of
choices before getting a domain name you like. Most of the
good and easy ones have gone.

Just go to the Domain Name service of your choice and
enter some choices in the search box they provide on their
front page.

I like to stick with the ".com" extension because that's
the one most people default to. They remember your website
name and automatically add the ".com" on the end. Why fight
city hall and risk losing them.

If you can't seem to get a Domain name you like a good
trick is to add an extra word at the beginning or end of
your selection to find something that has not already been
taken. Quite often these days you will have to settle for
something longer than you would initially like.

Let's say you want "".

Well unfortunately that's already taken.

But "" is still available…at
least it was when I checked today. So if you like that one
grab it quick.

Keep on winning



Monday, June 25, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success-You have your "Squeeze Page"…Now what? You need a "Download Page"!

Let's quickly recap how your website is going to function
in the early days of your business.

You can get away with just two pages on your website to
start with:

1. A Squeeze Page

2. A Download Page.

Your Squeeze Page is your first brief sales page. It's
often your visitor's first real exposure to you so it
should be welcoming. It contains your headline, some bullet
points and your Opt-in Box for your visitors to accept your
free offer and subscribe to your list.

I'm assuming you have built your squeeze page and uploaded
it to your site and now you're ready to start getting
traffic. When they visit your site your interested visitors
will leave you their contact information and your
autoresponder will send them your "verification notice".
They open their email and confirm their request.

What now?

You now want your autoresponder to send them your
"download page" so they can download your free product or
make payment for a paid product.

So it's now time to design your "Download your Book" web

What exactly is this page all about?

It is usual to offer your visitor a "Free Gift" as a thank
you for joining your "Newsletter or Ezine List". If you are
in the business of Internet Marketing then that gift will
probably be a "How to" book of some kind or a piece of free
software or whatever…something they can easily download.
When your visitor fills out the web form on your opt-in
page they will receive the "verification email" and when
they click the link in their email you want your
autoresponder to immediately send them a webpage from which
they can download their free gift.

So this page is really simple. It contains a link to your
"Free Book".

In it's simplest form it says briefly:
_____________________________________________ Welcome -
this is where you can download your "free gift" Just Click
the link below and download to your PC. Here's the link:

So you want to have this page uploaded to your website
into a folder called "download-page" (or whatever you
choose) along with the PDF file for your book.

And that's it…you're ready to go.

Learn how to make it big on the Internet! Read my fast
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Friday, June 22, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success--Generate your List Settings at AWeber

I'm talking about AWeber here because that's my main

I think I must be going mental to take on this task of
guiding you through this without the help of diagrams, but
let's see how we go. When I first got started with AWeber I
remember it was a pretty confusing experience.
Actually I find all Autoresponders are lacking in really
clear documentation that a stumbling idiot like myself can

So open the AWeber website at
and if you haven't already done so, go to the web form at
the bottom of the page and setup up your free 30 day test
drive. This truly is free and they are really good about
canceling if that's what you choose to do.
But don't do this yet unless you are now ready to get
started and take your squeeze page live. You don't want to
waste your 30 day free trial.

Once you've set up your account you log-in to the member

You will be on the "home" page. Across the top you will
see a blue navigation bar with a yellow navigation bar
directly below it. Left click on the "list settings" tab in
the blue area and then left click on the "Settings" tab at
the far left hand side of the yellow area.

The first thing to do here is to give your list a name. I
tend to operate with just one list and use the "Form Name"
designator to separate out where the leads came from…more
on this later. The name can be anything you like but should
be somewhat meaningful to you. For now you could call it
"mymainlist". You can always change it later.

You then enter a short list description such as "My Web
Business Newsletter". Make the name professional because it
will be viewable on your "unsubscribe page". Now check
"Allow Multiple Unsubscribe", enter your company name and
your main website URL and you're done with this phase of
the setup.

We'll revisit this topic and deal with "Verified Opt-in"
and "Custom Fields in another article.

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Critical Steps to Online Success--Setup your opt-in box (aka Web Form) at AWeber

AWeber can be very confusing to get around and setup.

I'm assuming you've already set up your AWeber account. If
not you will need to do this before we can continue. So go
and do that and then come back.

Open the AWeber website at and
log-in to the member area.

You will be on the "home" page. Across the top you will
see a blue navigation bar with a yellow navigation bar
directly below it. Click on the "list settings" tab and
then left click on the "Web Form" tab in the yellow area.
In the middle of this page you'll see a green box that
says: "Create Web Form". Left click on this box and you'll
get a blue form where you can start filling in the details
for your opt-in box.

Give your form a name in the "Form Name" box. It could be
"Form 1-Article Leads" or whatever you choose. You'll
create many Web Forms as you go along so make sure the name
makes sense to you. You can easily change it later.

For now under "Type" choose "In Line". You can get fancy
with pop-ups later if you want.

For the "Thank You Page" I usually have a simple page on
my website that explains to the visitor that they will
receive a "verification email" and that they must verify
their request before going further.

So you might have a URL like:

The next box you need to deal with is labeled: "Ad
Tracking" which I found quite confusing. I needed to call
the support line to figure out what to do with this.
This is where you can create different classes of
respondents and designate where they have come from to keep
track of who is responding to what ad. e.g. "Pay-per-Click"
or "Article Writing" etc.

You create a new Web Form with a different "Ad Tracking"
name for each source of traffic you want to separate. So if
you have traffic coming from 4 sources you need 4 Squeeze
Pages each with it's own unique "Ad Tracking" name embedded
in the code.

Now when people opt-in to your offer you'll know where
they came from and what offer they're responding to.

The next step where you set up what exactly will be
visible on your Web Form can get tricky so if you want help
with this see my article:

"Internet MLM - Getting Started With the AWeber Auto

Just copy and paste that title (without the quotes) into
the Google search bar and my article will be the first
entry returned. It will help you over a few of the more
confusing aspects of the process.

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Critical Steps to Online Success--Design your Squeeze Page and attach your Web Form (or Opt-in Box)

You're now ready for a very exciting step.

It's time to get your website up and running.

First you will need to design your Squeeze Page and attach
your Web Form to allow visitors to register for you FREE
Book and Newsletter.

So just what is a squeeze page? A squeeze page very simply
is a "call to action". You want your visitor to opt-in to
your list.

A squeeze page is a web page whose only function is to
provide a page where visitors can opt-in to your list and
get your material. And it should be purely that. You don't
want to confuse your visitors by having other outbound
links on the page.

You have "one" single call to action on your squeeze page.
It should be very clear exactly what you want your visitor
to do. You want them to fill in the web form and subscribe
to your list so they can get their fee gift…and that's all!
Your opt-in rate will be significantly reduced if your
visitor is confused. So absolutely… no AdSense ads on the
squeeze page and no other links…not even to your main

What do you put on your squeeze page?

1.A headline describing what your offer is about.

2.A few bullet points describing the benefits of your

3.Simple instructions on how to fill out the web form.

4.And of course the web form itself.

Your Auto-responder provider will have instructions on
their site to help you attach your web form.

Setting up your web form (or opt-in box as it is often
called) can be more complex than you may think.

If you think you might need help with this then see my

"Internet MLM - Getting Started With the AWeber Auto

Just copy and paste that title (without the quotes) into
the Google search bar and my article will be the first
entry returned. It will help you over a few of the more
confusing aspects of the process.

Once you are happy with your Web Form you simply paste the
HTML code into your Squeeze Page code where you want it to
appear on the page.

Learn how to make it big on the Internet! Read my fast
start guide "3 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online".

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success- Auto-responders- What's the best one?

We want an auto-responder to deliver our emails
automatically in the sequence we design and to subscribe
the respondents at our web page to a list
we designate on
the auto-responders database.

So the first thing we want to be sure of is that our auto-
responder company is stable enough to be around for
…it pays to stick with the big ones if you don't want
your business to be dislocated.

From my experience and everything I read AWeber is the
most popular of the Auto-responder services and is highly
endorsed by many users.

But all auto-responders are not born equal so first let's
examine some of the things an auto-responder can do for us
and what makes one better than the other.

This is a good cross-section of popular auto-responders on
the web at the moment:






Before subscribing to any of these you'll want to know a
few things about them.

How well do they deliver your emails?

Independent testing suggests that the first 4 all deliver
above 80% of your emails but Robot Reply seems to fall way
behind at 50-60% delivery of your emails.
In these days of spam where AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. have
such vicious spam filters I would think that these numbers
are bit high.

How do their Features compare?

Aweber, GetResponse and IntelliContact all have great
features so there's not a lot between them in this area.
Email Aces has OK features and Robot Reply trails the field.

How quickly do they respond to your email queries?

Get Response and AWeber are reported to respond to
"Trouble Tickets" in 4 to 6 hours while the rest take 20
hours and over.

How much do they cost?

Pricing is an important consideration and for some people
over-rides every thing else.

The following prices are not totally current so you should
check for yourself. Pricing is time sensitive but this will
give you a ball park idea of what to expect.

GetResponse: $17.95 per month ($17.95/mo for 10,000
subscribers + $4.50/mo for extra 5,000)

Aweber: $19.95 per month ($19.95/mo for 10,000
subscribers, plus $9.95/mo for extra 10,000)

RobotReply: $34.95 per month

EmailAces: $37.90 the month you sign up, then $29.95 per
month thereafter.

IntelliContact: $109.00 per month. Ouch! (but it does
allow up to 15,000 subscribers)

Pretty obvious here…GetResponse is the lowest cost
followed closely by AWeber
while IntelliContact is way more

It would seem to me that AWeber and GetResponse come out
ahead of the field.

I personally use AWeber most of the time and find them
very good.

Sometimes when I want to upload a purchased list in bulk I
will rely on other services. AWeber is totally restrictive
as far as double opt-in is concerned and insists on the
verification email. This protects both them and you, but if
you have purchased a double opt-in list it can be a pain.

The way I handle this is to upload my bulk list to another
service and have my "web-form" send the respondents to
AWeber for my long term list needs.

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Critical Steps to Online Success-How to put your business on Auto-pilot

You must have an Auto-responder! This is Critical.


What will an Auto-responder do for you and why do you need one for your online business?

Here's why you need one!

You need to duplicate your efforts. You won't have time to do all of the work yourself!

How much will it cost?

All good questions and I asked them all myself. It seems that getting started in this business we are continually dipping into our pockets. And as we expand it gets more and more.

But look at this…where else can you start a business with nothing down except an idea, a computer and an internet connection? which most of us already have anyway.

When James Watt invented the steam engine he began a movement that was (in my opinion) the prime mover in the abolition of slavery. For centuries people in civilized countries were appalled at the whole institution of slavery but such is the greed and self interest of the race of man that we weren't willing to give it up until we had replaced the function with something that works better. In America's South it took a Civil War. And it was all about economics. Not much of an endorsement of the true nature of man. The steam engine allowed us to multiple our efforts. The machines could be working while we were sleeping and they were much faster and more accurate than manual input.

And that's exactly what an auto-responder will do for you.

It will be there taking care of business while you are
sleeping, working at something else or off having fun. When
someone accepts your offer and subscribes to your list the
auto-responder will take care of them.

You absolutely must have one!

AWeber is the most popular of the Auto-responder services
and is highly endorsed by all the pros…so why fight city

To find out exactly how to do it, see my articles:

Critical Steps to Online Success- Auto-responders- What’s the best one?

Critical Steps to Online Success-Auto-responders-How to
Subscribe to AWeber!

By Jim Keayes

Just copy and paste the URL into Google and you'll find it
no problem.

Keep on Winning



Online Success: How to be really successful Online-use Article Writing to build your list

The great underground secret the pros don't tell you about
article writing is this…you have to be prolific.
That's a
big word for so early in the day…so let's say it another
way: write lots of articles!

How many articles is lots?

Let me tell you a story
about a young man who has had what
I consider amazing success online.

Why is his success amazing?

I'll tell you. Because it's BELIEVABLE!

He didn't just wake up one morning, join a program he
stumbled across on Traffic Swarm and become wealthy
overnight without lifting a finger.
These programs really
offend me if you don't mind me having a rant here for a
moment. A very small number of people get wealthy by luck,
some get wealthy by inheritance (probably the biggest
number)…but most of us have to work at it. And that's why
not many people actually get rich. It's a part of the human
condition to be lazy. So if you're lazy you probably will
never be wealthy.

Just a quick word on laziness. Sometimes laziness is just
a symptom of not knowing exactly what we want.

See my article:

"Motivation That Inspires - How Your Goals Will Put You On
Auto-Pilot To Success" By Jim Keayes

So what did my friend do?

He chose a niche and started to write articles…not just
one or two articles either. Some days he wrote 10 or 20.
And he submitted his articles to only 5 or 6 of the big
Article Directories. In his first month he had over 200
leads come in and he earned a little over $100…and it grew
from there.

Today, a year into his program he has written over 1000
articles and is earning over $10,000 per month
and growing.
He has over 10 personally written "how-to" products that he
is marketing and his ideas are expanding every day.

This is exponential growth and I am impressed!

Why am I impressed? Because I can believe that we can do
it too.
It's realistic. It's steady growth…the payoff for
focused commitment to his goal. He's just an ordinary guy
like you and me who has decided to do extraordinary things.

Now…it's not as hard as it seems. My friend wanted to get
off to a fast start when he was writing 10 or 20 articles a
day because he knew that quantity was important. But you
don't need to do this many.

If you combine your article writing with Pay-per-click you
could probably get away with one article per day.

Three articles per day will get you to the level of over a
thousand articles published by the end of one year.
If you
publish in 6 article directories that's over 6000 web pages
devoted to "your articles".

But that's not all. Your articles will begin to be picked
up by Ezines and Newsletters and published by them because
they are always in need of content. And their readers will
publish your articles in their publications and attribute
them to you.

And it just grows and grows! The growth becomes
exponential. The online industry calls it "going viral".

Today when you Google my friends name you get over 150,000
hits. A year ago he was unknown!

As you get more practiced you will find you are writing
your articles faster and can complete each article in 15 to
30 minutes.
Let's say it takes you 2 hours for the 3
articles to be fair and another hour to post them to the

That's still only 3 hours per day!

Would you be willing to do that for a shot at $100,000 per
year within 12 months from now?

Keep on Winning

Critical Steps to Online Success-Your first "For Sale" item will most likely be an affiliate product

It's easiest to start your online campaign with an
affiliate product.

You just sign up, put the link in an email and everything
else is taken care of for you
--particularly if you work
through an Affiliate Directory. You don't need to create
the product, make it professional, get it on your website,
set up a "shopping cart" to collect payments etc. etc.

To find out "Step by Step" how to get set up as an
affiliate, see my article:

"Critical Steps to Online Success--Step by Step Plan--How
to Find and Register for Affiliate Programs By Jim Keayes"

Just Google the title and you'll find it no problem.

When you first start online you will be confused if you're
anything like I was. All that new terminology: SEO ranking,
webpage optimization, click through rate, conversion ratio
and on and on. So you have a lot of planning to do.

Finding an affiliate program to market will get you
started faster.

Here's a real life example. You can market this program too.

In the interests of total disclosure I want you to know
upfront that I am an affiliate for this product, but that's
what this is all about after all. Have a look…it will give
you an idea of how this affiliate thing all works.

Your offering email might go like this:

Here's a superb "How To" manual on Affiliate Marketing:

Rosalind Gardner's "Super Affiliate Handbook"

Just copy and paste the link above into your browser and
it will take you to the Super Affiliate Information Page.

As you can see, setting up to market a product as an
affiliate is really pretty simple.

Keep on Winning



Critical Steps to Online Success - Here's an action plan to Monetize your list!

You need to write an Email Series for your Auto-responder.

What's the point of this step?

You can't make money without subscribers!

You have to be ready for your visitors when they show up
at your webpage.
You've promised them a "Free eBook" and a
free subscription to your Newsletter and now you have to
deliver. The best way to do this is via an email series at
your auto-responder
that automatically sends the same
series of emails to every respondent.

But unless you are a 100% philanthropist, you want to make
some money from this venture. The best way to do this is
with integrity. You need to provide value as well as make a
So make sure you are giving a lot of free relevant
content in your emails between your sales messages.

Here's a series of emails that works well:


Email #1: Day 1

This email simply says: "Thank you for requesting my free
book - if you have trouble downloading please send me an
email to I have another free gift
for you which I'll be forwarding very soon"

Email #2: Day 3-give them a chance to absorb the first book

Send another free eBook or gift to generate good will -
maybe some free website building software.

This can be a simple email that just says: "Hi John,
here's a free gift for you."

Email #3: Day 5-give them time to absorb the second gift

Send Content - an article you have written is good if it's

Email #4: Day 6

Make your first sales offer. At this stage you probably
won't have a product you have created yourself so your
first product will probably be an affiliate product you
have registered for.

Briefly describe your Affiliate Product and provide a link
to the sales page. You might also include a free gift or
content as a bonus.

Email #5: Day 8

Provide some more free content or another free gift and
make your sales offer again.
When people buy from you will need to send an email
acknowledging this

That's the end of the first series of emails for now.
Remember this series goes out to everyone who joins your
list, so everyone is receiving the same set of gifts and

You can extend this to a 20 email series if you wish by
repeating emails 2 through 5 with varying content and
products. Choose a length that works for you.

After that you can begin sending individual emails to your
entire list following the same format.
These are not on
auto-pilot. You time the release and content of these each
time you send.

If you have your own "first product" finished then this is
a good time for you to begin to market that.

Keep on Winning


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success--How to use Copy and Paste to Compile your Articles into an eBook

It's easy enough to say: "Now copy and paste your articles
together, edit them into an eBook and convert them to PDF

But I'm going to cover the basics here for those of you
who are learning your way around the computer
as we go

So what does "Copy and Paste" mean?"

Your computers operating system sets aside an area of
memory it call the "clipboard" for the short term parking
of text and files.

You can copy to the clipboard in a number of ways:

First you need to "select" the text or files you want to
copy-we'll ignore files for the moment and only deal with
text. If you want to select all of the text in your
document you could click anywhere inside the document then
hold down the "control key" (on a PC) and then press the A
key (this is called "Control A") and all of the text would
be selected and highlighted…or you could go to the "Edit"
menu and click on "Select All" and get the same result.

You can select sections of text by simply holding down the
left mouse key and dragging the pointer across the text.
Give it a try, you'll see how easy it is.

A word of WARNING: Make sure you "save" your document
before you do any of this
or you might accidentally erase
your work.

You can now "copy to clipboard" by pressing "Control C"
or by selecting "copy" from the Edit menu. Your selected
text is now saved on the clipboard and will stay there
until you overwrite it with another copy operation or you
turn off your PC.

You now open your new document, position you cursor where
you want your copied text to start and press "Control V" or
"Paste" from the Edit menu. Your copied text will now be
written (or Pasted) into the new document.

You follow this process with your remaining articles and
you have now cobbled together your eBook.

I am not going to get into the process of cleaning up your
text and making the book flow, I am assuming you are
skillful enough at writing to do this on your own.

Now that your book is written you will want to create a
template for the text to give it that professional look and
convert it to PDF.

Keep on Winning



Critical Steps to Online Success - Convert your Word Doc to PDF-Step by Step-How to do it

For a long time, the only way to create a PDF was to pay
Adobe a hefty amount of money for the full version of
Now, however, there are many standalone programs
available for very little cost or sometimes even free. Many
of them are as reliable as Acrobat itself.

First up, let me say right up front that I have absolutely
zero relationship with any of the products I am suggesting

here. I take no responsibility for your experience with
them and I do not guarantee that they will work for you as
they have for me.

With that out of the way…here are some options for you:

1. Install the full Adobe Writer software for a cost of
over US $200 or use their online version for a cost of
$9.99 per month.

2. Use Free software


Let's first look at what Adobe has to offer:

You can purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat for
your computer system for US$200 plus.
The full version of
Adobe Acrobat allows you to create files from any program
and to add notes and annotations to existing PDF files.
If using the full Adobe Writer package you perform your
conversion to PDF by selecting File, Print and then open
the drop down menu for the list of printers and select
"Adobe Distiller" as you output choice.

Or you can use Adobe's "Create Adobe PDF Online" service
(I have not used this option but many people who write a
lot of documents find it cost effective and functional).

Adobe provides a web-based conversion service that
converts Microsoft Word, Excel, and a number of other
formats to Adobe PDF. You use a web browser to upload the
file you want to convert and then receive the final PDF
file online or through e-mail.

Adobe offers a small number (currently 5) conversions for
You can create an unlimited number of PDF files for a
monthly fee.

For instructions and more information on both the free
conversions and the fee-based services, see

You can sign up for US$9.99/month or US$99.99/year.
(Available only in the U.S. and Canada.)

You can view the subscription benefits by visiting the
Adobe website here:

At this site you can sign up for a free trial today and
create your first 5 Adobe PDF files for free.

These are pretty long URL's but they should work for you.
Just copy and paste the whole thing into your browser.


Download and install "PrimoPDF"

I use this package a lot. This is a stand alone package.
It's FREE, it's simple to download and install and works
every time for me, although some people on networks report
licensing issues. It costs you nothing to try so give it a

As with Adobe above, you perform your conversion to PDF by
selecting File, Print and then open the drop down menu for
the list of printers and select "PrimoPDF" as you output

The software downloads from the web and the conversion
takes seconds.

Download and Install "Desk PDF"

Desk PDF is another program you can try, but I have never
used this one so I can give you no feedback.

Keep on Winning



CRITICAL STEPS TO ONLINE SUCCESS--Write a "Thank you" email for your Auto-responder

Once you have some articles in the mill or some emails or Pay-per-Click programs running you will start getting visitors to your Opt-in web page where you will be offering your new FREE eBook.

You need to be ready for them!

What will you need to have in place?

You'll need your website up and running with your Opt-in page active and all of the links on it working…including the links to and from your Auto-responder.

You'll need a Download page on your site with a link to your free eBook so your visitors can download it once they opt-in.

And you'll need a thank you email in place at your Auto- responder. This email should tell them about the "Verification Email" they will receive and the importance of clicking the verification link and what to expect afterward.

Most reputable Auto-responders insist on this "double opt- in" step before they will add the respondent to your list.

This verification process is essential to keep us onside with the Can-Spam laws. The fines for spamming can be quite steep and an infringement can really set your business back. The "double opt-in" process ensures that we are in compliance and can argue from strength if a complaint should be lodged.

After your visitor verifies their request I like to simplify the process by immediately sending them the download page with the download link and instructions on how to download. This by-passes another email containing the download link and makes it faster for everyone.

Here's some sample text that I use-you can copy it or modify it however you like:

Hi There, Thanks for your interest!

Here's what you need to do now!

Go to your Email Account

You will find an "Email" in your Inbox.

The Email will arrive from "Your Website Name" and the Subject Line will say:

"Please verify your recent request for information"

All you need to do is "Click the link in the email" and your Download Instructions will be sent to you immediately. We do this to "protect your privacy" and make sure that it was in fact you who requested this information.

Note: If you somehow made an error in entering your email address just "Click Here" and re-enter your Contact Information now.


Now this is perhaps a little more than you feel you need but you get the general idea.

Keep on Winning



Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success--Compile your articles into a "Free Book" to give away

If you haven't read it yet I suggest you go to "Ezine
Articles" or "Go Articles" and read my article: "20
Critical Steps To Online Success - Get Off To A Fast
Start!" It will help us to stay on the same page. But if
you can't be bothered right now…no problem.

As we go along here I am feeding you these steps in the
best order for you to get them done (in my opinion)
but if
you're like me at all you'll probably going ahead with each
step a bit at a time.

I've had you set up your website already because we need
that in place so your visitors can download your products
and join your Newsletter list and it takes some fiddling
around to get all of the links working etc. You can work
away at getting that running smoothly as a break from your
writing. We're a little bit ahead of schedule doing that
but it's quite exciting to get your first website up, so I
slipped it in a bit early.

Now you have your 5 articles written we want to compile
them into a "Free Book" that you will offer on your squeeze
page as a gift for people who register for your Newsletter.

To do this I find it best to initially work in MS Word and
then convert the Word document to PDF format
to give it
that professional feel. If you also have MS Publisher in
your MS Office Suite you can create a very professional
looking template for your book

A good cover image on your title page and your squeeze
page can also help to give your book that professional feel
but it's not essential. Just Google "Free eBook Covers" to
get some templates
or free software from the web.

So just copy and paste your articles into a Word Doc in
sequence and clean up the transitions between articles so
your book flows nicely.

Make sure you have some active links in there to give your
readers the opportunity to visit your other websites or
Affiliate Links if you have them.

You'll need a Cover page, a Copyright Page and a Table of
If you download my free book from the link in my
"About Me" Box you can copy and edit these from my book to
suit your own requirements.

Now you just need to convert to PDF and you're ready to go.

CRITICAL STEPS TO ONLINE SUCCESS - Write 5 articles of 300 words each on your subject.

So far, if you've been keeping up with me, here's what
you've done:

1.Decide what sort of business you want to be in on the
2.Decide what you want to sell.
3.Find some affiliate products in that niche and register
to market them.
4.Get a website of your own.

If you intend to do your marketing via Article Writing and
Publishing then here's what you need to do now:

Create 5 article titles--a series is good. Write down 3
points for each title and begin to write your articles.
you get stuck or bored with one just move to another, but
keep on writing.

Let's say your niche is dogs and you're writing about dogs.

Your five titles might be:

1. How to pick a good dog.
2. Big or small dogs…which is best?
3. What dogs shed the least?
4. How much does it cost to feed a dog?
5. What's the best way to train a dog?

And some points to write about in Article 1 as an example
could be:

" What are the characteristics of a good dog?
" Should I buy a puppy or go to the SPCA?
" How can I tell if the dog I pick will be a "good" dog?

Just write 100 words on each of these points and you've
got an article ready to publish.

A great way to get some ideas of what to write and how to
write it is to go to and browse
through the articles.

Just go to the "Ezine Articles" home page and explore the

A good place to start is with the "Writing and Speaking"
Categories and then take a look at articles in the "Writing
and Speaking" and "Article Marketing" sections.
The value of this for you is that you can take an
educational course in how to write and market with articles
at the same time as you are doing your writing.

You'll now need to publish your articles to the Article

Keep on Winning



Critical Steps to Online Success--Step by Step Plan--How to Find and Register for Affiliate Programs

As I said in an earlier article, starting with an
"Affiliate Network" is an easy way to get started as an
You first need to register with each of the
networks you choose.

The largest are:

Commission Junction:



Click Bank:

What are the actual Steps to get started as an affiliate?

Let's look at one program that's really easy and is also a
superb "How To" manual on Affiliate Marketing: Rosalind
Gardner's "Super Affiliate Handbook"

Go to this site to work through this example with me.

Just click the link at the bottom of the page and it will
take you to the Super Affiliate Sales Page.

Once there you will see a navigation bar across the top
which says:

Home | Order Now! | Make Money

If you click on "Make Money" you will be taken to the
Affiliates Page
where you have the opportunity to join this
program as an affiliate.

But before you do that you need to sign up and get your
"Click Bank" account opened and you will find a link to do
this as you scroll down the page.

Once you have a "Clickbank Nickname" you enter your
nickname and generate your affiliate promotions link.

You then create a sales page for this program, put the
included "HTML Code" on your page, insert your "affiliate
promotions link" and you're set to go as an affiliate

Now, if you just want to register with "Clickbank"
straight away, here's how you register:

You open their site at
and click on the "Become an Affiliate" link, which you will
find in the left hand column. You then click on "Sign up"
and fill in the simple form and "voila" you're a registered

At the top of the page you'll see the Navigation Bar.

Home | Sign Up | Marketplace | My Account

Click on My Account and enter the Member's zone.

Once again go to the Nav Bar and click "Marketplace" and
your ready to start looking around and choosing some
programs to work with.

Keep on winning



Monday, June 18, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success - Find some "Affiliate Products" to market

When choosing Affiliate Products it's a good thing to keep in mind that "physical products" have a large manufacturing cost component in their pricing, so your profit margins are skinnier. So my first advice is to choose digital products such as books or online services such as dating (dating services can offer affiliate commissions up to 75% or more so if you like this field it can be very lucrative).

For more information on affiliate programs you can download my free book at:

Let's look at some places to find affiliate products. You can of course go to Google and enter the search term "affiliate products" but an easier place to start is with affiliate networks. Affiliate networks act as middlemen between merchants and affiliate marketers. Joining an affiliate network is free for affiliates and offers a large range of high quality programs to choose from. You can feel much safer about your commissions actually being paid out to you by these legitimate marketers. They are a great place to start your search because the information is tabulated for you.

Here are a few:

The three largest are: Commission Junction:



"Click Bank" is a network that specializes in Digital Products.

Residual Commission Finder:

provides a comprehensive listing of merchants offering long-term commissions for customers that you bring them. They offer listings of Affiliate Programs that payout commissions for at least a year.

Let's look at Clickbank as an example since I have recommended you start with digital products. You open their site at and click on the "Become an Affiliate" link, which you will find in the left hand column. You then click on "Sign up" and fill in the simple form and "voila" you're a registered member. Once you are a member you fill in your email and password in the box at the top right of the page and login to the members area.

Then you go inside and search around the affiliate listings for programs that interest you. Just do the same with the other networks I've listed and you're on your way. There are many more affiliate networks you can check out but this will get you started. The process is quite straight forward…you'll be an old hand in no time at all.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success - Decide What Business you want to be in.

Some people find this to be the step that stops them cold
before they even get started. But it doesn't need to be
like that. It's amazing how quickly ideas begin to flow
once we begin brain storming.

Information products-ie "how-to" books and manuals on
subjects that interest people are the easiest to work with.
If you don't think you can write then hire a ghost writer,
find "free" products on the net in expired copyright
directories or sell affiliate products.

Just get out a sheet of paper and start to make some lists
and the ideas will come in a torrent.

What do you like to do?

Do you like your job? Would you like to work for yourself
in the same field? What is your dream job? What is your
secret dream for your life? Could you write about that?

What inspires you?

Are you into health or exercise? Do you believe in food
supplements? Are you a romantic? Would you like to write
advice columns and reviews on dating? Is religion a focal
point of your life? What about sports? Do you love to ski

What are you good at?

Are you a great surfer, cyclist, runner, swimmer, skier?
Are you a great cook? Do you really understand computer
hardware or software? Can you design websites?

What do you know about?

Do you read about history? Have you traveled a lot? Do you
speak and write Spanish?

Once you have some ideas for an area that you would like
to work in, you need to find out if anyone else has any
interest in this field. You can do that by checking how
many people per month have searched for this term by using
the Overture keyword Selector Tool:

As you run your ideas through Overture you will be
triggered into other searches and your list of ideas will

Finally you will have narrowed your list down to one or
two areas of interest and you are ready to proceed to the
next step: What products will you promote? And how to find

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

20 Critical Steps To Online Success--Step by Step Campaign to Get You Off To A Fast Start!

I so often get asked: "What exactly do I need to do to get started and be successful Online?"

My answer is always: First build your list!

Article Writing is the cheapest and fastest way to start to build your email list. Here are the Steps I recommend you take. Copy this article and begin to follow these steps.

1. Decide what sort of business you want to be in on the web. What do you have a strong interest in?

2. Decide what you want to sell.

3. Find some "affiliate products" in that niche and register to market them. Digital "how-to" Books and Reports are the easiest to handle.

4. Get a website of your own. "GoDaddy" costs a few dollars per month for basic site hosting.

5. Write 5 articles of 300 words each on your subject. Create 5 article titles-a series is good. Write down 3 points for each title and begin to write your articles. If you get stuck on one just move to another.

6. Compile your 5 articles into a "Free Book" to give away to your visitors.

7. Write a "Thank you" email for your Auto-responder to send to new subscribers to your list. This email should tell them about the "Verification Email" they will receive and the importance of clicking the verification link.

8. Write a 5 email auto-responder email series to be sent one per day to new subscribers to your list--a thank you email, a teaching email, another free gift email to build trust, another teaching email and finally an email that offers your "for sale" product.

9. Your first "For Sale" product will most likely be an affiliate product.

10. Subscribe to an Auto-responder service: aWeber is excellent.

11. Design your Sales Page and attach your Web Form to allow visitors to register for your FREE Book and Newsletter. Your Auto-responder provider will have instructions on their site to help design your webform.

12. Design your "Download your Book" web page which will be sent by your auto-responder to your visitors who have "opted-in". You can see a sample download page if you choose to Download my Free book at: but you don't need the book cover when you first start out.

13. Launch your website. At this point you will only need to have 2 pages: a Sales or Offering page for you free giveaway plus your Download Page. Keep it simple.

14. Submit your 5 articles to 6 or 7 Article Directories. is the best place to start.

15. Start a Blog. It's free and easy.

16. Publish your 5 articles on your blog and "ping" your

17. Continue to write and publish articles every day.

18. You will quite quickly start getting visitors to your site who accept your free offer and are added to your list. They will begin to receive the series of 5 auto-responder emails and some will purchase your product.

19. Send emails to your list on a regular basis and continue to offer affiliate products…but don't overburden them with offers. Give value via information and giveaways. A link to your latest article can be a good giveaway.

20. Compile your first 20 articles into a "for sale" book and offer it for sale in your emails. You can continue the offer indefinitely but should slow down the frequency after the first couple of weeks.

Then just do it all again!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success - You must have a Website

If you are to succeed online in any significant way then you
must have a website of your own.

Yes…I know you can make some money as an affiliate without
a website but you really limit your options.

Why have a website?
You need a website as an interface
for information exchange between you and the clients on
your list. That is a place online where you can give
information about yourself and your clients can communicate
with you.

Until we come up with a better solution, marketing success
online depends on having a list of clients who have
indicated an interest in your niche and are responsive to
your emails.
You supply them with valuable information via
your newsletter and from time to time you show them one of
your offerings. Some of them will buy from you if they have
had a good experience with you in the past. You need a
website to make this transaction flow smoothly.

If you are using Article Marketing or Pay-per-Click as
your process to attract clients then you need a website for
them to visit so they can read about you and your offer and
decide if they want to join your Newsletter List or
investigate you Free Offer or whatever else you are
promoting. If they decide they want to proceed further then
they need to be able to communicate with you. You could do
this by email but as the volume of responses begins to pick
up you just won't have the time to handle every individual
response and you'll want to have a Web Form on your webpage
that connects to your auto-responder so they can give you
their contact information.

Once you have their contact information you will want to
respond with a "verification notice" (hosted on your site)
that tells them where to go and how to respond to the email
they will receive from your auto-responder. In these days
of spam email it is critical that the visitor verifies
their willingness to receive your information.

And finally you will want to send them your "download"
page so they can download your free product or make payment
for a paid product.

I think you can see how critical it is to have a website
of your own to make all of this possible. You can have your
own website hosted online for as little as $4 per month
it really makes sense to take this professional step

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Webpage Creation in Dreamweaver: How I Deal With Font Conflicts

Dreamweaver would seem to have become the platform of choice
for website designers. Simple enough for beginners to
master to a workable level and sophisticated enough to keep
the master designers coming back.

But it has some very, very annoying conflict issues that can
test your hold on sanity.

I ran across this again today so I thought I'd write about
it in case someone else finds it useful.

I am by no means a master web designer. I am in fact an
Internet MLM Marketer. Websites are a tool to me, not a
profession. I fumble my way around bringing websites to life
and in the process I run into some very frustrating issues
that just don't seem to want to get fixed. Things like: how
do I get an mpeg video clip to run in a webpage; my text
formats differently in Firefox versus Internet explorer;
font changes refusing to take; tables getting screwed up
etc. etc.

And there just doesn't seem to be anyone out there who can
help me without paying an immense fee for their service. So
I struggle along on my own until I finally crack the code
thinking: "There must be a better way."

Ever been there?

Well I can't help you with really intricate stuff, but here
are some of the things that I have found will save me, and
hopefully you, a lot of headaches.

If you're a pro then this article isn't for you.

This is for the beginner like me who still from time to time
struggles to get a website up and running smoothly. So if
you're a beginner read on.

So there you are--you're sitting there with the blank
Dreamweaver page in front of you.

What are you going to do first? Getting it to work right is
all about doing it right the first time. Begin as you
to continue.

Here's what I do ,and don't for a moment think this is
gospel (maybe there's an easier way)--its just what I find
keeps me out of trouble.

Where fonts for your text are concerned you are best to
start by creating a CSS Style Sheet. CSS stands for
Cascading Style Sheet and can help keep you out of trouble
with fonts that can suddenly go crazy on you. Now this is
not the only use of CSS--in fact its amazingly versatile
in regard to graphics etc.-- but lets just stick to fonts.

Well get to how to set up a CSS sheet in a follow up
article, but the main thing is to NEVER, and I mean never,
designate a font that is not listed in your CSS sheet unless
you know how to get out of the ensuing mixup.
This will help keep you out of lots of trouble with fonts.

There is a great difference between what you see on your
HTML editor (which is what Dreamweaver really is--although
very sophisticated) and what you see on your web page when
you test it as an HTML file on your screen.

And it can get worse when you actually publish it to the
web. The layouts of webpages viewed in Internet Explorer
always seem to be slightly (and sometimes a lot) different
to webpages in Firefox.

Always attach your CSS sheet to the page you are working
on and always define your text fonts in your style sheet.
If you need a new font then define it in your CSS sheet
first and then use it. Some of my style sheets are monsters.

One of the frustrating issues with Dreamweaver is that when
you change a font by highlighting it and changing it in the
properties window, Dreamweaver doesn't always erase the old
font. This can cause conflicts that show up as very
unpredictable font changes when you publish your webpage.

What do I do?

As soon as I notice that my fonts or layouts have gone crazy
I position my cursor at the beginning of the inconsistency
and search in the code at that point for doubled up font

If you have imported the document or copied and pasted it
from somewhere else it will bring all of its old baggage
with it, including all of the formatting and fonts from the
original document or webpage.

What I do at this point is "cleanse" the document.

I go into code view, select all of the code, copy it to the
clipboard and then paste it into a Notebook page. I then go
to "edit" and select "find" from the dropdown menu (I can't
seem to make "find" work properly in Dreamweaver).

I enter the word "style", position my cursor at the top of
the document and click "find next". I then systematically
erase every existing style definition in the document
(hopefully its not too long).

Your document should now be pure and unsullied, contain no
style definitions and be ready for you to attach your CSS
Style Sheet.

You then copy and paste the cleansed text back into your
code page, making sure to save the original code first in
case there's a snafu in your changes.

If you find "font" conflicts arising again, you can simply
repeat the process if you can't obviously find the villian
at the first couple of tries.

You will know you have problems if you find "non-CSS"
styles showing up in your font list in the properties

A valid CSS style definition will look like this in your
font listings:

"Para12ptBlack" or something similar,

while a style that could cause problems looks like this:
"style1" and needs to be removed if you want your page to
be free of font conflicts.

So look for a line in your code that looks something like
this at the point where the problem is showing up:

Sample Text to Demonstrate Font

Dreamweaver defines the "style" in both the "head" and the
"body" of your webpage code. Both need to be removed.

Here's an example:


.style1 {
font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;
font-size: 14px;
font-weight: bold;



Sample Text to Demonstrate Font


Now if you change your font to "12 pt Blue Bold" using an
attached "CSS Style sheet"
Your code will look like this:


Sample Text to Demonstrate
Font conflicts


Notice there are now two styles defined for the same text.
When you re-defined your style from the CSS Style sheet
Dreamweaver didn't delete the "style1" from the class
definition. This is how the conflict happens - your computer
gets confused.

It is these instances of "style 1" and similar, in both
the "body" and the "head"
that you will need to delete to keep your webpage clear of
font conflicts --as long as this is the only issue..

Remember to leave your CSS font definitions intact. You
don't want to remove these. These are the good guys.

The line should now look like this:

Sample Text to Demonstrate
Font conflicts

This is a nice clean definition that won't cause problems.

Since you have attached a CSS Style Sheet there will be no
Style definition in the "head".

If you've been house cleaning as you go along this will
usually fix the issue.

I hope this has been helpful.

Keep a lookout for followup articles on "Setting up simple
CSS style sheets" and "Using "Layers to format your page

Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. Over more than 20
years he has taught many people the strategies to accumulate
and leverage wealth. You can subscribe to his “Free
Newsletter” by visiting his website at:
or by emailing

Friday, June 8, 2007

Goal Setting - 10 Steps to a life changing goal

As I reiterate time and again, setting meaningful goals is
probably the most important step we undertake on our road
to success. It should be your first step in any venture.
You can't start the journey until you know where you plan
to go.

It's critical that you do it properly.

So let's look at a plan for setting goals that will really

Let's also assume that you're part way along the path,
that you have determined that you want to make money
in Internet Commerce in some way.

1. Exactly what do you hope to achieve?

2. If it's money…how will that money change your life?
What added benefits will it bring to you?

3. Yes, I know it will pay off your debts and buy you a
new car or house or clothes or educate your children, but
what will that mean for you? What will be the emotional
impact? How will you feel when you have these things?

4. If you want to quit your job, ask yourself why? What
don't you like about your job, your boss your company? What
"do" you like about it? What will happen if you stay? How
will the insecurity of not having that monthly paycheck
resonate with you and your family?

5. What are you willing to do to achieve your goal? What
are you prepared to give up to get what you want? Are you
willing to scrimp and save and be tired and give up your
weekends for a year or so? Will you be willing to work an
extra 20 to 50 hours a week to make it happen? Because
that's what it will take.

6. How much money are you willing to spend on marketing
and education to get where you want to be?

7. What are you not willing to give up? Are you ready to
sacrifice or not? And don't lie to your self here. Are you
truly willing to give up dating, parties, drinking, smoking,
dinners out, new clothes, holidays, time with your spouse
and family and friends? Would you sell your car?

8. Exactly how much do you want to make at the end of one
year, two years etc.

9. Is this really your goal or are you doing it for
someone else? It absolutely has to be for you.

10. In the innermost regions of your soul, the secret
place where you never let anyone else in...what is your
secret dream?

Allow yourself to be selfish...don't be ashamed!

If you could have it would that look?

That's where you'll find your true meaningful goal, the
one that will be life changing for you.

I know all of this probably sounds pretty drastic, but we
get paid on replacement value and there are lots of others
out there willing to replace you in the game.

In the final analysis I have seen, time and again that it's
simply the people who work the hardest who get the big
results…it's truly that simple.

You must know exactly, in detail, what your goal is, when
you want it to happen and be uncompromising in what you are
willing to do to have the success you dream of.

Go to :
to get my Free Book: "3 Surefire Ways to make money online"
Visit my website: to learn more
about Goal Setting.