Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here's How to Get Started with SFI

The first step, if you haven't already done so is to go here to start your Test Drive Membership.

It costs you nothing - you don't give your credit card number for anything but you
get access to all the information you can't otherwise get to.

The best way to make a lot of money with SFI is to choose the "Network Builder Program" and become an EXECUTIVE AFFILIATE (EA).

To make the big money with this program you will eventually need to make the decision to become an Executive Affiliate (EA). This will cost you less than $20 US per month - one of the lowest cost monthly commitments I have been able to find anywhere. This cost can be quite quickly covered by your income.

The lowest cost program to become and maintain your EA status is to join the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs (IAHBE).

The actual monthly cost for IAHBE is $29.95 but you earn approximately a $10 commission on your own purchase so your net monthly cost is less than $20.

IAHBE is a success coaching program. Besides a monthly newsletter you have access to the IAHBE website which has a wealth of "how-to" information to help you move forward with your business and your life.

The great advantage here is that because this is an online program there are no shipping costs, which as you know can be substantial.

The "potential" income is $100,000 per year and up.

Why do you need to commit $29.95 dollars per month?

You don't! You would only do this if you want to make the big money. You don't NEED to do anything. Nobody will be forcing you. But every business runs on making sales: no sales... no commission. So if we all invest in an IAHBE membership every month, it teaches us how to be successful and we all make money.

Your big income will flow from building a large network of associates who all invest $29.95 per month in their business.

You can certainly make money from selling product at the retail level, but if you want to make the big bucks... build a network.

I will teach you how!

There's lots of information in the Training Library.

Now I want you to go here:

login to your account, click on "Getting Started With SFI" and complete the first 7 steps - it takes very little time.

At step 4: "Choose the SFI product or program on which you wish to focus", you select The Network Builder Program (NBP).

Why The Network Builder Program (NBP)
BecauseThe Network Builder Program (NBP) is SFI's most popular program and it's where the big money is.

Building your own network of affiliates is a powerful way to create a substantial residual income stream that can continue to put money in your pocket, year after year.

It's easy to sign up affiliates because:

A) Almost everyone would like to earn extra money
B) Joining SFI won't cost you anything
C) SFI has 20-year track record of success

I am focused on building 100% on the internet - I suggest you consider doing the same. There's no rejection, it's extremely time and cost effective and will eventually run on autopilot.

You can become an EA without investing any of your own money. If you sell just one IAHBE retail membership per month you'll maintain automatic EA status for yourself and you'll get a $4.95 commission every month for as long as that membership continues.
With just 4 sales you are riding free!

But I don't want to lose my EA status and my in the matrix so I'm willing to invest the $19.95 US per month in my business to fulfill the EA requirement.

The simplest way to maintain your Executive Affiliate status is to simply enter a standing order for your IAHBE membership every month and get on with building your network.

But it's up to you. You can start as a basic associate and advance to EA if it's working for you. You can also maintain your EA status via retail sales.

Complete your seven Getting Started steps and continue on to Step 8 - The Path.

If you haven't already done so, then first go here to start your Test Drive Membership.

Then make sure you get my new book; otherwise you won't be enrolled in my online training course:

To build your business with minimum cost you are best to start a Blog and make posts at forums, write articles, join Facebook and Twitter etc. All of these are free. I'll tell you more about this as we go along.

There are other ways to do it, like Pay-per-Click advertising, but they cost a little more money. Let's do one thing at a time. I'll tell you about them soon.

To start a blog first open a Google account at:

Then go to

and begin to create your blog.

Start writing about SFI and Internet Business in your blog and find similar blogs and make posts to them to build links.

For ideas you can view my blog here.

Then go to Warrior Forum

and start making posts of your own. To start with you may just want to ask questions.

NOTE: Always include your profile so your readers are directed to your SFI link where they can join your team. You'll find mine at the end of all my articles.

Here's how one of my profiles looks:

If you'd like to learn more about how I do it and how you can build your own Business Online then I have just completed a new book: "The Perfect Online Business".

You can download it FREE here: " The Perfect Online Business "

Plus there's a goldmine of information in my other FREE book:

" How To Use The Secret Magic Of Article Writing To Start And Run A Successful Online Business".

Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people to be successful online.
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More later - email if you have any questions.

Keep on Winning