Friday, August 3, 2007

Secrets of MLM Success: Hit it Big with Effortless MLM Lead Generation-Rejection Free!

Is you group exploding?

Do you have more leads than you can cope with?

Is MLM an effortless dance for you, gracefully gliding
from one successful step to the next?

If you're answering "no" to these questions then that puts
you right in the thick of the battle with most other
Network Marketers. Probably you're wishing it was easier
and struggling to find what will work for you?

So here's one idea that absolutely works, doesn't cost a
lot and gets you healthy at the same time.

Do what they do in Real Estate:

Build a "farm" of say 15 blocks square in your
neighborhood and start delivering flyers to the homes. That
will give you about 2000 homes to work with. If you deliver
200 flyers per day you can cover the area in 10 days. If
you take the weekends off you can cover the area twice a

There's some lead time before it kicks in, but it's worth

You'll need to shop around for someone to print the flyers
cheap for you. They just need to be black on white. Or
maybe it's less expensive to run them off on your own
printer. If you have a few hundred dollars to invest you
can get a black only laser printer that is quite fast and
does a great job.

If it's too expensive, just work with less homes or less
flyers per day.

Your flyer should go something like this:

Start with a big bold headline, something like:

"Financial Freedom is Just Round the Corner"

Then add some Bullet Points:

Would you like to:

" Earn Some Serious Money Part Time?

" Take a Holiday?

" Pay Off a Debt?

I can show you how!!!

Call me at: xxx-555-1212

or Email:

And that's it… it's a teaser not a "how-to" manual"… and
it's totally "Rejection Free"!

You just deliver the flyers like clockwork, 5 days a week,
and wait for results. And while you're doing it you get
fabulously fit with a great suntan.

You might consider paying paper boys to deliver the flyers
along with their papers… they'll do it quite cheap. It all
depends on your budget.

It takes about 7 to 10 flyers (or emails) for people to
start responding, so that's about 3 months before you get
any action. But you're not doing anything else about it
except putting out the flyers and waiting.

Amazingly, results will start to flow in, first a trickle
then a flood!

You can also use the Internet to create an endless flow of
targeted qualified prospects that you can show your
business to.sful online.

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