Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Online MLM - Rejection Free Prospecting

One major reason we quit MLM is pretty obvious...the pain of rejection becomes unbearable.

Our sponsors tell us:

"Learn to love it when they say no--you're so much closer to a yes; some will, some won’t, so what etc."

Yeah, right!

Unless you are a complete masochist you will never learn to love rejection. Typically the average new distributor takes two rejections and quits and frankly I don’t blame them. Who needs this noise anyway.

So how are we going to get over this?

Time and again distributors say to me: "Show me a way to build my business without rejection and I’ll do it."

Well my first advice is this: absolutely do not introduce your business to your family and friends or even strangers until you can show you have some success and can teach them to work efficiently and rejection free...that's what we'll talk about here today.

Often times your upline will tell you to purchase a list of leads and cold call them.

From countless hours of wasted effort (and money) I can tell you that the only people making any money from this would seem to be the Leads Brokers. I know of many MLM stars who claim to have built their business this way but I don't know anyone who is making it work in todays environment. Doesn't mean that nobody is...just that I haven't heard of them.

Everyone I talk to struggles to be successful at phoning a list of leads with minimal success; and besides, there's tons and tons of rejection.

The best way I know to build your business faster is to expose more people to your business in less time...use the internet to leverage your efforts.

Instead of showing your marketing plan to interested prospects in a meeting or a one on one presentation you direct them to your website to view a professional presentation online, usually created for you by your MLM company or one of your upline leaders.

There are countless ways of getting prospects to your website. You can put flyers in mail boxes in your neighbourhood, place notices on bulletin boards, use Pay-per-click advertising, post comments in chat rooms etc.

But the single most effective way that is almost cost free is to write articles and post them at article directories.

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