Friday, September 21, 2007

Build Your MLM Online-Here's How To Use Email Marketing!

If you want to build your MLM online you are going to need to build your prospect list and then put them on your newsletter e-mailings.

One way to do this is to buy a list of auto-responder names from a list broker and send them a series of emails.

E-mail marketing is regarded as one of the pillars in the marketing arena having been in used for quite some time in thee marketing field and by most businessmen. Its undoubted capacity to generate positive results in the business made it one of the most significant online marketing tools.

However, with the advent of the Internet technology and the modernized ways of sending e-mails that solicit advertisements, many online users have been very cautious about receiving and opening e-mail from people they do not know.

Here are some pointers that will help to make your emails more deliverable:

a. Do not use words such as advertisements, sale, free, extra income, MLM or home business or similar words as your subject line. These are some of the most tracked subject lines that are being blocked by spam blocking programs. This also goes for the body of your e-mail.

b. Always use the standard font size and font color for any e-mail marketing. Never use any font size that is beyond what is professional looking. Do not overly color your e-mail, too, as this looks not so professional. Generally avoid other formatting effects for text, like italics and bold, as this does not convey professional looking e-mail either

c. Avoid putting graphics and animations on your marketing e-mails. Graphics and animated flash files can look professional but an email from a friend is more likely to be in text format. Besides that, since these graphic and animated files are way too big in terms of file size, it slows down the loading time. Your recipient may get frustrated and just close and delete you.

Whatever you can do to automate your MLM business is an added plus. The internet is a great tool and is rejection free.

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