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How To Generate Traffic Using A Squidoo Lens

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What about Squidoo? Is it alive and well or has Twitter taken over?

Another way to market your business is to use social networking sites. Squidoo, just one of many, is considered a social networking site, however from an internet marketing perspective it is vastly different from the others. One key difference is that, Squidoo lets you sell blatantly without the worry of someone shutting you down. Another unique feature of Squidoo is it an adult social networking site. Thus, making it a great place to market your business as well as interact with other home internet business owners.

Squidoo allows you to create what's called a lens, which is basically an information portal about any topic you want. Squidoo also allows you to sign up and create as many lenses and categories as you want. You can very easily use these lenses to drive targeted traffic to your home internet business sites.

Once you have finished creating your lenses and specifically targeted to your home business niche, you then start socializing with other like minded marketers on this social networking site.

The secret to succeeding in using Squidoo is to provide information that is not only good information, but helpful information to people in your niche who are eager to receive that information. By using a good landing page you can effectively market as well as drive targeted traffic to your home-business opportunity. If you are already a respectable internet marketer then people will be more willing to buy an affiliate's product based on your recommendation.

How To Generate Traffic Using A Squidoo Lens

1. It is vitally important to put your main targeted keyword in your lens title. This is because lenses are pages and they can therefore rank in the search engines like your legitimate home internet business home page.

2. Choose a URL for your lens with your primary keyword. Do remember this, as it will help your search engine rankings too, because that URL is what you'll link to from other places.

3. Tag your lens with other long tail keyword. Look for the Squidoo lens creation wizard to give you the chance to do this when you first set up your lens.

4. One of the most important things you should remember is to add an RSS feed so as to make your lenses popular with search engines. There's a Squidoo module for RSS feeds, and search engines just love that kind of unique, frequently changing content.

5. Update you lens several times a week at minimum. You don't need to make major changes but quick and easy ones, just tweaking a little here and there and click publish. Although an RSS feed will help this, it is equally important that you also add hot new content in your lens.

6. When Squidoo masters recommend you to create many lenses, they actually meant create more specialized lenses based on long tail keywords in your niche. As you would already have a list of your keywords for your niche, you should start to dominate them. If you have a lens on work at home business, for example, you could create a more specialized lens call Work At Home Business For Retirees.

7. Link your related lenses to each other. This is a good technique as it is known to be good traffic building tip. You also build more links and more links means more visitors which ultimately gives you a higher ranking for your Squidoo lenses.

8. Use your lens like it's your blog and link to your legitimate home internet business sites. This is such an easy yet powerful technique. Search engines love Squidoo and so links from a high-ranking lens to your work at home business site can really boost your traffic.

9. Remember that Squidoo is firstly a social networking site so get sociable by visiting other internet marketer's lenses to give comments on their guest book. This also gets you one way links which generate traffic for you too.

10. Now, the trick to Squidoo is to not only have proper keywords in your lens, but to add many keywords to your lens. If your lenses sells a product, more traffic translate to more sales. You can check out what keywords people are typing in the search engines to arrive at your lens and easily add those keywords to your list.

11. Here is the final secret you an use. Mark your lens useful. One good way to make your lens useful is to present your information as a "how-to" lesson within your topic. This helps you build a good lens and your audience finds what they are looking for easily.

Okay! So now you've got your leads... what are you going to do with them?

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