Wednesday, April 22, 2009

How to Make your Squeeze Page Sell- Don't Confuse Your Visitors!

Don't make your visitors guess what they're supposed to do
on your site. You must give them a strong call to action
and tell them exactly what they need to do to get the
benefits you outline! That's what a squeeze page is all

Next to having a powerful headline your call to action is
the most critical element of your sales page. There's no
point getting visitors to your site if they don't know what
to do. If your visitor is confused about what action you
want them to take, they will get lost in the confusion and

Layout the benefits for them in a way that will be easy
for them to understand. This isn't a contest where you
demonstrate your superior knowledge. Tell your visitor
"what's in it for them" in plain simple language.

It's a simple formula. You state the feature, follow it
with the benefit statement and then make the call to action.

Let's say you sell a stress-relief product. Your copy
might say something like this:

"After doing research and testing, I found a set of really
fabulous relaxation CD's that solved my recurring migraine
problems, improved my sleep, and increased my energy
levels-all in just a few days!

"Click here now to learn how these CD's can soothe your
troubles away and lead you to a more healthy and happy

As simple as that!

Remember that your visitors came to your website because
they were searching for something on the web and it looked
like you could provide it. They are wondering whether what
you have to offer will fill their need.

So make sure your copy is easy to read! I can't stress
this enough.

As far as fonts go my research tells me this: stick with
Verdana font in full strength colors for your text wherever
possible. Verdana is considered the best font for reading
online and even the very basic video cards can display it.
Times New Roman may be the default Microsoft Font but on
screen Verdana is easier to read.

Remember: You're not trying to amuse or entertain with
your site. Your goal is to sell! Give your visitors great
sales copy that's easy to read, tell them exactly how to
access your product and you're half way there.

Now once you have followers on your list you will want to
help them further.

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Keep on Winning