Friday, June 8, 2007

Goal Setting - 10 Steps to a life changing goal

As I reiterate time and again, setting meaningful goals is
probably the most important step we undertake on our road
to success. It should be your first step in any venture.
You can't start the journey until you know where you plan
to go.

It's critical that you do it properly.

So let's look at a plan for setting goals that will really

Let's also assume that you're part way along the path,
that you have determined that you want to make money
in Internet Commerce in some way.

1. Exactly what do you hope to achieve?

2. If it's money…how will that money change your life?
What added benefits will it bring to you?

3. Yes, I know it will pay off your debts and buy you a
new car or house or clothes or educate your children, but
what will that mean for you? What will be the emotional
impact? How will you feel when you have these things?

4. If you want to quit your job, ask yourself why? What
don't you like about your job, your boss your company? What
"do" you like about it? What will happen if you stay? How
will the insecurity of not having that monthly paycheck
resonate with you and your family?

5. What are you willing to do to achieve your goal? What
are you prepared to give up to get what you want? Are you
willing to scrimp and save and be tired and give up your
weekends for a year or so? Will you be willing to work an
extra 20 to 50 hours a week to make it happen? Because
that's what it will take.

6. How much money are you willing to spend on marketing
and education to get where you want to be?

7. What are you not willing to give up? Are you ready to
sacrifice or not? And don't lie to your self here. Are you
truly willing to give up dating, parties, drinking, smoking,
dinners out, new clothes, holidays, time with your spouse
and family and friends? Would you sell your car?

8. Exactly how much do you want to make at the end of one
year, two years etc.

9. Is this really your goal or are you doing it for
someone else? It absolutely has to be for you.

10. In the innermost regions of your soul, the secret
place where you never let anyone else in...what is your
secret dream?

Allow yourself to be selfish...don't be ashamed!

If you could have it would that look?

That's where you'll find your true meaningful goal, the
one that will be life changing for you.

I know all of this probably sounds pretty drastic, but we
get paid on replacement value and there are lots of others
out there willing to replace you in the game.

In the final analysis I have seen, time and again that it's
simply the people who work the hardest who get the big
results…it's truly that simple.

You must know exactly, in detail, what your goal is, when
you want it to happen and be uncompromising in what you are
willing to do to have the success you dream of.

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