Thursday, August 2, 2007

Secrets of MLM Success: How to Guarantee Unlimited New Signups-And It's Virtualy Free!

Well that's a "Big Promise"… You've heard it all before!

But that's just exactly what I'm going to show you how to
do right here today!

I'm guessing that if you're reading this article that you
don't already have an endless flow of new signups in your
MLM business and you're wondering what to do to fix that…
am I close?

So that means that you haven't really found a strategy
that works for you. Maybe you've tried writing a list and
calling friends and relatives without a lot of success… and
you just hate the rejection (me too!). You've tried
approaching prospects in the mall or on the bus… same
result. And you didn't get much success buying a list and
calling the leads (I've done that one too!).

I'll bet there have been times when you've felt pretty
disheartened about the whole adventure… its way more
difficult than you thought it would be. You need some extra
income right now and you really want the freedom that comes
with a fat residual income; but you're starting to doubt
that you can do it.

And I already said this… "you just hate the rejection"!

So what's the answer?

Build your business online! To do that you need to create
a list of targeted qualified prospects that you can show
your business to.

Here's how to do it:

1. You need to create a simple webpage. I can give you
simple tools to do that. (Click my link below to see what
one looks like and join my Newsletter list).

2. You need to register a Domain Name or URL.

3. You need an Autoresponder.

4. You need a simple "give away" product to reward your
prospects for joining your list.

5. You need to write a timed series of emails to send to
your prospects.

6. You need to drive targeted traffic to your webpage and
have them op-in to your list. If you use article marketing
to do this it's virtually free.

7. You need to expose these people to your MLM opportunity.

That's a fat list of things to do and I want to show you
how to do it in more detail… but there's not enough room

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet and MLM Marketer. He teaches people to be successful online.

Secrets of MLM Success: How to Guarantee Success in Network Marketing!

Hi There

As you all know by now if you've read my book: "3 Surefire
Ways to make Money Online" (you can click my link below to
get a copy), I believe that Network Marketing is the
ordinary guys shot at the big time.

If you haven't read my book you can download it FREE here: " 3 Surefire Ways to Make Money Online "

If you want to stay in the game until you win big, you
absolutely must generate a secondary stream of income (they
call it a "Funded Proposal) to pay for your marketing
costs and monthly qualifying volume costs.

This can be done with an Affiliate Program or by marketing
a product of your own.

I am working on a Network Marketing related "how-to"
product that will be finished soon that you will be able to
market on an affiliate basis with generous commissions.
I'll let you know when it's ready.

There are more millionaires produced in Network Marketing
than in any other industry!

It's simple, it's low risk, it costs very little to start,
but it ain't easy till you learn the ropes!

The big advantage of Network Marketing is two fold:

1. You don't need to keep re-inventing a new product to
sell all the time-that's taken care of for you.

2. You get exponential growth as your downline begins to

Probably the main reason people fail at Network Marketing
is they aren't making any money early on in the game… well
that can be fixed!

I want to show you how to remedy that… that's one purpose
of this Newsletter.

One of the critical strategies of success is simply this:
"Don't Fail Big"!

Just like the secret of investment success is "never lose
a big percentage of your money on any one investment". Or
in poker "don't bet it all on one hand".

So how does this apply to Network Marketing?

In Network Marketing people come in, try it for awhile,
see that it's costing money to stay involved and eventually
reach their "bail out point". That's the point where the
cost of keeping their distributorship alive is greater than
the power of their dream and they don't want to put anymore
money into the pot.

If you use a funded proposal and you build your business
using the internet you can by-pass a lot of these

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people
to be successful online.