Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success - The Secret Magic of Article Writing to Grow your List.

You must Write and Publish Every Day…there…I've said it!
Publish or perish…that's the motto in academia and it's
the same with article marketing.

If you're not pushing out articles every day then you lose
momentum and your list will stop growing. The search
engines favor sites with a continual flow of fresh content
and readers are always looking for fresh material,
particularly if they have found your articles and come to
rely on your input-so don't let them down or they'll
gravitate to someone else.

Later on when the money starts to flow that won't be such
a damaging event because you'll be able to afford to pay
for advertising to plug the gap. But in the early days of
your business your articles are your life blood…you must
keep them coming…one a day at the very least.

Why all this focus on article writing you might be asking

Pretty simple…articles will always bring you the top
caliber prospects…just like yourself. The people who read
your articles are searching for a solution to growing their
online business faster and stronger. They type a search
phrase into a search engine and bingo, here they are,
reading your article.

How could the whole process of co-operation work any
better than that.

The reader has a need and you have the information they
are seeking. It's quite possible that with your mentoring
their businesses could take off. That's a pretty nice
feeling isn't it?

I love writing articles because I've got all of this
accumulated information inside that's been bursting to come
out for years. I drive my friends and family nuts because
I'm always boring them stupid with all this stuff I want to
tell them.

I can't help it…I love learning new stuff. My greatest
wish is that you find it of value and it moves your
business forward too.

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Critical Steps to Online Success- How do you actually create "leverage" in an Online Business?

"How can I afford employees? I'm just a One-Woman Show--I just got started."

Doesn't matter! We have to find a way to multiply our
efforts if we're going to succeed big time in any business.
Technology can help us do that. But sometimes we don't see
the potential unless someone points it out to us.

For instance how could "writing an article" multiply our

When I first understood this principle I was amazed…it's
such a perfect concept.

We write an article and post it to an Article Directory
and our Blog. Say it takes an hour to get all that done
(less as you get practiced). And that's all we do.

But that one article gets multiplied over and over. Say
only 100 people read your original posting over a two month
time period. A newsletter writers need content for their
letter. They pick up your article and post it on their site
and send it out in their publication to 5000 people on
their list. Now 5100 people are reading your one article.
The posting of your article on the new site gets indexed in
the search engines and you have another presence on the
web. Others pick it up and it grows and grows.

You "ping" your blog. With the click of a mouse you advise
20 to 100 RSS feeders that there's a new posting on your
blog. It hits the "RSS feed readers" of thousands of blog
readers, some of them read your article and either use it
in their publication or pass it on.

One click of the mouse and you've made all that
happen…that's leverage.

So what have we got? You wrote one article and posted it
to one article directory and to your Blog and you "pinged"
your Blog once.

You worked for one hour and now thousands of people from
all around the world are potentially reading your article.
Some of them will click your link and join your email list.

Do you need to do anything yet?

No, just sit back, or continue sleeping or sunbathing or
whatever you need to do. It's all being handled in the

Because we can leverage again by using an autoresponder to
build our list.

Your autoresponder is always on the job waiting for
something to do-the perfect employee. Your autoresponder
will add the new person to your list and label them
correctly. It will send them your sequence of pre-written
emails welcoming them, educating them and eventually
offering them a product for purchase that could be
appropriate for their use.

That's leverage in action!

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people
to be successful online.

You hear it all the time: "You've gotta have Leverage. You can only do so much yourself."

Critical Steps to Online Success-How do you create "leverage" Online in a "One-man-Show"?

But how do you create leverage in a one man or one woman

Well three ways really:

1. You start as a one man show and you recruit some people
to operate as independent contractors (not employees) to
help you.

You want "contractors" not "employees" to avoid all of the
benefits and reporting and fixed payroll risk that goes
with having employees. You support and train them and you
earn an override on the efforts of each. Say you recruit 10
contractors. You work an hour and they each work an hour
and there are 11 hours being expended in your business.
They keep most of the money from their efforts but a small
percentage flows back to you. That's how a Real Estate
Agency etc. works and it's how "Network Marketing" works to
create leverage.

2. You harness technology to multiply your efforts.

The introduction of the Windmill and the Water Wheel
allowed one person to harness technology and create the
output of many.

3. You do both!

How does technology create leverage in our business?

Technology will do the work we don't have time to do
ourselves, much cheaper and much more accurately and
efficiently than we humans can do it.

A simple photocopier (which we all take so much for
granted now) replaces the efforts of thousands of copyists
and does it all with the click of a button. Email is so
much less time consuming than snail mail. Sending email to
a list sends out hundreds of emails at a time; and it only
takes one mouse click.

We are employing technology to leverage our efforts in
everyday life all the time; and we don't even think about it.

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people
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Critical Steps to Online Success--What is this "Leverage" thing everyone is talking about?

We hear this all the time in business:

"It's not how hard you work, rather its how much leverage
you create. In the end, leverage is what makes the
difference. You can only do so much yourself."

But what exactly is "Leverage"?

It comes from the word "lever".

You put a wrench on a nut and the length of the handle
multiplies your strength.
Double the length of the handle by putting a length of pipe
over it and you double the turning force at the nut.

It works the same in business!

Let's look at a car dealership service shop as an example:

These are just fictitious numbers (I guessed at them), but
they'll serve to illustrate the point.

You take your car in and they charge you $125 an hour for
4 hours-your bill is $500 (plus taxes of course…let's not
forget our benevolent government).

Say your mechanic gets paid $30 per hour plus benefits-
maybe $45 total cost to the dealer. Then there's rent of
the premises, construction of the shop bays, tools and
equipment, leases and maintenance, cleaning, utilities,
interest charges, insurance, back office support
(accounting, management etc.) and lots more. I'll make a
wild un-researched guess and say all of that (the cost to
the owner of operating the shop) adds up to $55 per hour
for each service bay. So the mechanic who actually fixed
your car plus the cost of running the shop costs the owner
(in this example) a total of $100 per hour.

You pay the shop $125 per hour and the owner gets to keep
the balance-a net profit of $25 per hour.

If this is a very successful auto dealership they probably
have 10 bays working 10 hours a day, 6 days a week. At a
$25 per hour profit margin that works out to $780,000 per
year for the dealer.

If the owner works in the business then she (or he) works
one hour pushing paper and earns $250 per hour from the
efforts of others-a 10 times multiplier on their efforts.

That's leverage in action.

In real life the owner is probably retired and living in
the Caymans or Hawaii. The owner is lying in the sun and
making $250 per hour (or maybe golfing) while we sweat to
earn the money to get our car serviced.

So if you're smart, you work hard on creating leverage
now, so you can lay back eventually in the place of your

That's the path of the true leader . . .

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people
to be successful online.

Critical Steps to Online Success-You absolutely "must" know your "What" and your "Why"!

I know I talk about this a lot but in my personal
experience it's the most critical element of success.
You must know "what" you want, "why" you want it and "what
you're willing to sacrifice" to have it!

No true lasting success will happen for you until you have
this critical
ingredient in place. Knowledge, talent, skill,
charisma…these are all important; but nothing happens
without the "why".

What exactly is this elusive "why"?

Generally it's not what you first think it is. It's not
that new car or paying off your bills or anything simple
like that. These things won't keep us motivated for long.
It's much deeper than that! You must understand your
emotions behind wanting these things. How will they gratify
you? What deep need will they fill. What do they really
mean to you?

Your true "why", the one that will motivate you to
greatness, is that innermost need that isn't being
fulfilled and it's so difficult to unearth. Usually we're
hiding it from ourselves because "not" having it is just
way too painful to feel. It erodes our self respect. If it
pokes its head up we stuff it right back down again because
in our soul we believe we just aren't good enough to have
it. We give up on it and we settle for second best.

Not good enough…we've got to change that!

Let me tell you a story:

A friend of mine, a very talented man, had been up and
down in life…often having short term explosions of success
but never able to sustain them. Generally he was unhappy
with himself and the way his life was turning out.

And then one day something changed. He took on a new
focus. He found a business idea that is the right fit for
him and he began to commit. Things began to happen and
continued to happen. He was suddenly able to stay focused
sustain his success. He was filled with energy and

I was amazed. I asked him: "What happened? What's
different now?"

Here's what he said:

"I've found my WHY"! I know "what" I want to do and "why"
I want to do it!"

"I was reading a motivational book one day and it just
leapt off the page at me. It hit me like a two by four in
the face. I'd been hiding from it because it just hurt too
much to admit it to myself."

"You see, I've always deeply regretted that I've never
lived up to my potential. It's a real soul sickness. It
eats away at me. I feel I'm a failure at life. I'm gifted
with so many talents and yet I squander them uselessly."
"Suddenly I see a way to generate huge success and I'm
inspired to make it happen."

"I've always felt that I have short changed myself,
settled for second best while I watch others, often less
talented than me (in my humble opinion) vault to the head
of the pack. And I was feeling a deep hurt about that. I
didn't want to have to face the ugly truth…I was failing at
life and I hated it."

"Sure, I've had some successes from time to time; that
singing feeling when I'm in the zone and unstoppable. But
somehow I've always stepped back just when it's starting to
happen, stopped working, sat back on my laurels and let it
all slide away."

"And that's not an experience that's unique to me…in fact
it's more the norm…the human condition . Most people have
trouble sustaining success."

"Why are some people so successful while I can never seem
to commit and follow through? That's the question that
tortured me. "

"Then one day it came to me; they succeed because they
love what they're doing and they really know "why" they're
doing it. Even if they can't put it into words, the need to
succeed is overpowering."

"I have been giving up because in truth the goal I had
achieved wasn't really where I wanted to be in life. I
don't want the responsibilities that go with success in
that arena. It's just not my bag. Somehow I got suckered
into believing that was what I wanted-probably because it
looks so glamorous on the outside."

"But really I only wanted part of it. I wanted the
glory…but I definitely didn't want the ongoing burden of
responsibility involved in managing a business like that.
There's just no freedom!"

"I've been trying to win at their game instead of finding
a game that I love, for which "I'm" uniquely suited. Once I
discovered Internet Marketing and Article Writing,
everything changed for me. Here was something I could win
at…I love the work…I fit…this is where I belong."

"This time I'm on the court, I'm in the game and I'm
playing to win. This time, at a visceral level, I really
know what I want, why I want it, what I need to do to have
it. And I know I'm willing to pay the price more willingly
than ever before.

"For the first time ever I can say: I'll do whatever it
takes to win back my self respect."
"Because I've finally found my true WHY!"
That story inspires me.

You see, as humans we really love to work and achieve.
It's truly gratifying and fulfilling to be succeeding at
something we love to do. But if we're failing we have a
deep soul sickness that permeates our being. WE begin to
hate our lives.

Go and find your ideal business; the business that truly
makes you sing, unearth your "why" and everything will
change for you. You'll never have to dig down and motivate
your self again.

Success will just begin to flow, you'll live "in the zone"
and life will be a joyful experience every day.

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people
to be successful online.

Critical Steps to Online Success-You must move forward every day-How to Stay Motivated!

The single best way to attract qualified, high quality
prospects to your site is through a consistent program of
article writing and publishing. It's low cost and extremely
effective…but it can take a couple of months of focused
effort for those leads to start flowing in.

If you've tried it you know what I mean. It takes time,
focus and commitment…and some days you "jes' don' wanna do
it". You're tired, you're sick of it and it just doesn't
seem to be working. You feel like giving up.

Of course you can use "pay- per-click"…but that can get
very expensive to get clicks on the keywords that will
bring the quality leads. If your budget doesn't run to
that, then what are you going to do?

At times like this we need special help! A secret weapon
to combat the burnout and get us back in the game.

It's a painfully simple equation: no articles, no leads:
no leads, no sales or recruits and no business: no
business, no money; no money and pretty soon no house, no

What is it that will keep us at the task, day in and day
out, until we hit our goals and beyond? I'll tell you the
secret right now! It's our gut level "why"...knowing
exactly "what we want", "WHY we want it" and exactly "what
we're willing to sacrifice to get it".

It's not our goals, our life purpose, our vision or our
mission. It's not the new house, car, trip etc. You can't
access this with a "Dream Board" like they tell you to do.
It's way, way deeper than all that--and until we finally
dig it up and let it out of the cave we'll never have the
persistence to keep at it-to do what's necessary every day
to get the job done.

Until we have powerful emotion around our gut level "why",
we'll continue to be mediocre. We'll continue to give up in
the face of adversity-to sit on the pity pot and whine and
complain about how hard it is and how unfair life is-and on
and on.

You can have your "what" in place, but it "ain't gonna
happen" until you unearth that "why" that won't be refused.
The good news, the really outstanding news, is that once we
get this monkey by the tail…we're unstoppable! Once you
uncover that "something that you just have to have" to feel
whole and complete…finally at terms with life…everything

I have found mine and it has truly change my life. I have
purpose, focus and commitment. I want the outcome so bad
that I'm willing to persevere. Sometimes I'm tired and
stressed out, my eyes and body ache, but I still push

I hope you are able to find yours.

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet Marketer. He teaches people
to be successful online.