Monday, September 17, 2007

Online MLM Success - Build your List with Website Visitors - 6 Easy Steps

Do you hate rejection as much as I do?

Then let's do something about avoiding it as we build our MLM business.

The best way I know to do this is to build your list on the internet.

You'll need a website, a landing page with opt-in box attached, an autoresponder and a free product to give away in exchange for people subscribing to your site.

I suggest you begin by writing articles to get your site indexed by the search engines. That's a whole topic in itself. If you click my link below you can download my free book on exactly how to do that.

Once you have your website and your autoresponder set up you need visitors to your site if you want to build your list.

One way to do that is to generates links. How many other websites are linked to you and how much traffic do those links produce for you are things that Google looks at when ranking your site.

When we speak of link popularity, it doesn't only mean linking your website to as many webpages as you can. They need to be targeted, relevant, quality links that produce traffic to your site.

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Here are some things you can do to generate quality links.

1. Submit your articles to article directories.

Writing informative articles and submitting them to free article directories gives you credibility and creates a back link for your website. All you have to do is to include a link to your webpage in the resource box or transform one of your keywords into a hyperlink.

2. Comment on blogs.

This is free and can really add to your traffic. You'll find lots of great blogs that are relevant to your niche. Drop in once in a while and add interesting and useful comments. Don't forget to include your contact information or resource box so they can get back to you. This will increase your traffic and if your blog is part of Techorati it will be counted as your own backlink.

3. Join forums.

Search for forums that are related to your topic and add a link of your website in the signature file. To further increase traffic get involved in the discussion. You can offer your opinion or you can start your own thread by posting an article.

4. Syndicate your website.

If you have a blog, then better make sure that you're also providing your own XML or RSS feed. When readers believe in your content, they will include your feed into their website. Aside from backlinks, it means an increase in web traffic too.

If you're using to host your blog then it's easy... you just activate Atom Feed in your setup page.

5. Increase your blogroll.

Look for well-established blogs and ask if they will include yours in their blog links. You benefit from their link popularity and traffic. And of course courtresy demands that you add their link to your blog site.

6. Add fresh content daily.

Search engine spiders love fresh, keyword-rich content. The more often you update the more the spiders will visit.

Building on the internet adds a powerful tool to your MLM program.

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet and Network Marketer with many years of successful experience. He has a lifetime involvement in healthy living and nutrition. He coaches worldwide.