Wednesday, June 13, 2007

20 Critical Steps To Online Success--Step by Step Campaign to Get You Off To A Fast Start!

I so often get asked: "What exactly do I need to do to get started and be successful Online?"

My answer is always: First build your list!

Article Writing is the cheapest and fastest way to start to build your email list. Here are the Steps I recommend you take. Copy this article and begin to follow these steps.

1. Decide what sort of business you want to be in on the web. What do you have a strong interest in?

2. Decide what you want to sell.

3. Find some "affiliate products" in that niche and register to market them. Digital "how-to" Books and Reports are the easiest to handle.

4. Get a website of your own. "GoDaddy" costs a few dollars per month for basic site hosting.

5. Write 5 articles of 300 words each on your subject. Create 5 article titles-a series is good. Write down 3 points for each title and begin to write your articles. If you get stuck on one just move to another.

6. Compile your 5 articles into a "Free Book" to give away to your visitors.

7. Write a "Thank you" email for your Auto-responder to send to new subscribers to your list. This email should tell them about the "Verification Email" they will receive and the importance of clicking the verification link.

8. Write a 5 email auto-responder email series to be sent one per day to new subscribers to your list--a thank you email, a teaching email, another free gift email to build trust, another teaching email and finally an email that offers your "for sale" product.

9. Your first "For Sale" product will most likely be an affiliate product.

10. Subscribe to an Auto-responder service: aWeber is excellent.

11. Design your Sales Page and attach your Web Form to allow visitors to register for your FREE Book and Newsletter. Your Auto-responder provider will have instructions on their site to help design your webform.

12. Design your "Download your Book" web page which will be sent by your auto-responder to your visitors who have "opted-in". You can see a sample download page if you choose to Download my Free book at: but you don't need the book cover when you first start out.

13. Launch your website. At this point you will only need to have 2 pages: a Sales or Offering page for you free giveaway plus your Download Page. Keep it simple.

14. Submit your 5 articles to 6 or 7 Article Directories. is the best place to start.

15. Start a Blog. It's free and easy.

16. Publish your 5 articles on your blog and "ping" your

17. Continue to write and publish articles every day.

18. You will quite quickly start getting visitors to your site who accept your free offer and are added to your list. They will begin to receive the series of 5 auto-responder emails and some will purchase your product.

19. Send emails to your list on a regular basis and continue to offer affiliate products…but don't overburden them with offers. Give value via information and giveaways. A link to your latest article can be a good giveaway.

20. Compile your first 20 articles into a "for sale" book and offer it for sale in your emails. You can continue the offer indefinitely but should slow down the frequency after the first couple of weeks.

Then just do it all again!