Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Explode Your MLM Online--The Wave Of The Future--Don't Be Left Behind!

MySpace, Friendster, Facebook , U-tube…the wave of the future is social networking! It's taking over the traditional methods of web marketing and if you're not in the game you'll be left behind.

In the print space MySpace, Friendster, and Facebook are the front runners with MySpace way out in the lead. But friends tell me that Facebook is fast catching up.

And then we move on to U-Tube and that's another game altogether. Video is here and it's now easy and U-Tube is a presence all on its own and deserves a whole book so I won't try to cover it here. But it's fast carving a presence that we won't be able to ignore.

Personally I still rely heavily on article writing and publishing to generate visitors interested in my topic, but I'm branching out into these networking arenas.

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Social networking sites are still quite new and are a great place to promote your business but you need to do it in a professional way… after all, these sites are primarily about connecting with people and posting your profile, not for aggressively advertising your business via unsolicited messaging.

Lots of social network users are becoming wary of the practices of unscrupulous online business promotion, viewing it as the ultimate form of spam. They feel that the sanctity of their space is being invaded, just the way email has been.

If we want to make use of these sites to promote our own businesses then we need to find a way to get past this attitude. Acting responsibly is the answer.

Here are three things you can do:

1. Get Referrals:

Look for friends using these sites and ask them to refer you to their friends. If you come in via this door then you are much more welcome that if you bash the door down with spam.

2. Be willing to Go Slow:

Take your time. Gently ease yourself into the community, just like you would at a party where you are the stranger.

3. Put your best face on your Site:

Just like you would if you were showing up for a job interview… you'd dress appropriately and wear your best clothes.

Put a good quality picture on your profile. Nothing screams amateur like a poor quality, washed out, out of focus photo of you in your grungy clothes. If you can afford a professional shot then get one taken.

And do the best possible job you can on your template and layout presentation. The sites will offer some professional templates and if you can't afford a professional to set it up for you then take the time to learn how to do it yourself.

You will need more than the standard profile page if you hope to grab attention.

And don't overdo your business introduction.

4. Visit other people's sites and leave a greeting:

Connect with people with similar niches to yours and get yourself known… swap links by leaving comments on their sites and invite them to visit yours. Try to find groups that could become customers down the road.
Send them personal messages, thanking them for accepting you. Take note of their birthdays and send them birthday greetings… we all love to be recognized on our birthdays. Set up a tickler file to help you stay current with this. And just visit with them for the hell of it… you'll make a friend and somewhere down the line the business will flow.

This is pretty similar to the way you can establish your presence in Blogging or Chat sites. Over time you'll make your presence felt.

Once you attract an audience to your social networking site you will still need to get them onto your list. I can show you how to make that happen.

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