Thursday, May 31, 2007

What is your List? How do you get one?

If you've been in the Online Marketing business for even a
short amount of time you have heard of the importance of
your "list" in building your business.

So what exactly is this list that everyone keeps talking

It's that very critical list of names and emails of
potential clients who have indicated an interest in what you
are offering.

Today the use of emails is the most powerful tool available
to online marketers. Your job is to build a list of
subscribers to your newsletter and send them information
that will be useful to them. If they are interested in what
you show them, some of them will respond to one of your
offers and possibly make a purchase or enroll in one of your
affiliate programs or one of your networking ventures.

Once you have this list, it is my belief that you should
treat them with respect and "pay them" for the privilege of
accepting your emails. You achieve this by sending them
interesting and educational information that is useful to
them with some interesting offers sprinkled in from time to

I find myself on way too many lists where the list owner
sends me only offers that will make them money. This leads
me to feel abused and I send them to my "junk folder".

So how do you build the list?

There are many ways to do this...some more expensive than
others...some more labor intensive.

Let's look at the most popular techniques in use by online
marketers today.

Email Marketing to purchased lists

Email marketing can be very effective but with the advent of
"spam" and it's incredibly intrusive nature we are finding
this alternative to be less and less attractive.

It requires a significant amount of editing to create an
email that doesn't trigger the spam filters of most of the
major email service providers. Words like "free" etc. raise
serious red flags and usually cause your email to be
diverted to the Junk or Spam folder.

Lists of "auto responder" leads can be purchased from leads
brokers, often "on sale" for 2 cents per lead or less. These
are leads from people who have responded to an online or TV
etc ad from the leads company in the area you are
interested. Home Business Opportunity leads seem the most

If you purchase "co-reg leads" (Google this term if you
don't know what it means) you can end up in serious trouble
with your ISP and possibly even have your email account
closed down and black-balled. Serious offenders can face
fines of $10,000 or more so be very careful.

But still, some marketers are very enthusiastic about this
category of leads and work with them extensively. I find it
too much hassle to bother.

The way you attract clients via email is to compose a series
of emails on your autoresponder and broadcast them to you
purchased list.

Making a Free Offer is a very powerful incentive for
recipients to respond to your email.

When the visitors activate your link and fill in your
information box they receive their free gift and are added
to your 'Newsletter List" and are now available to receive
more focused offers from you.


The most popular Pay-per-click program is Google Adwords:

When internet users are looking for information on the net
they usually go first to their favorite Search Engine.
Google and yahoo dominate this territory. The searcher will
type in a word or a short phrase that briefly describes what
they are seeking. We call these "keywords".

As a pay per click advertiser your job is to create a brief
ad that will catch the searchers attention and enter a list
of "keywords" that are appropriate to what you are
advertising and are most likely to be words or phrases that
the searcher may in fact enter.

Your ad will appear in the right hand column of the searches
returned. If you visit a Google search page you will see
what I mean.

Your job is to be willing to pay enough for your key word so
your ad displays on the first three search pages. Keyword
bids range from 1 cent per click up to $40 and above for
highly competitive words.

You only pay if someone "clicks" on your ad.

For more information go here:

Article Writing and Blogging

It is worth taking the time and effort to get proficient at
writing. There are many free courses on this available on
the internet.

How this works is that you write articles, preferably on an
ongoing basis, and you post them on article directories and
on your blog.

Just Google "Article Directories" for a list of relevant

There are lots of eZine and Newsletter publishers out there
who have run out of time or ideas for a new article for
their publication and do a search of the article directories
to find relevant content they can use. If they like your
article they will use it and some of their subscribers will
click on your link and subscribe to your list. They might
email your article to a friend or associate or other
newsletter writer who also uses it. As a result your
original article is broadcast far and wide.

The great advantage of this strategy is it's virtually free!

I know of article writers who have written several hundred
articles and find themselves with 80,000 and up returns on a
search for their name on Google.

I will be writing more in depth articles on these techniques
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