Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Make Big Bucks In Affiliate Marketing - Here's How!

You've got two choices :

Will you spend three months outlining, writing, proofing, rewriting and finally publishing an e-book of your own; and then write the sales letter and set up the payment processor on your webpage… or… will you find an affiliate product you like, use all the pre-written sales material that is already posted on the products website, have somebody else handle the payment processing and pay your commissions to you, while you simply copy and paste your affiliate link into a Pay-per-click ad or into a short one page sales email and send it to your list.

I think Affiliate Marketing comes out ahead.

Affiliate marketing is an easy care business… you can focus all of your time on getting traffic and let someone else handle all of the details.

You can be in business in affiliate marketing within 60 minutes from the time you finish reading this article... and you don't even need a website of your own.

Here's how you can get started fast:

Open an account at Clickbank and get yourself a Clickbank ID (takes about 5 minutes).

Go to "Go Articles" and enroll as an author. They allow you to put affiliate links in your Profile Box.

Let's say your field of interest is "money and employment".

You want to be nmarketing the products that people are already buying and the best measure of this is the Clickbank "High Gravity" index.

Go to Clickbank again and click on the marketplace link at the very top of the page. In the search box select "money and employment" from the drop down menu in the category field. Select "All Sub-categories" and sort by "High Gravity".

Click "Search".

Item 5 when I just searched says "Paid Surveys" (it will probably be different when you search) and I've chosen this because it's easy to understand.

Go to Ezine Articles and search for Articles on Paid Surveys. Read 5 or 10 articles and then cobble together a 300 word article of your own based on the information you have gleaned from those articles. Don't blatantly steal the articles or you're into copyright infringement and it's not very nice anyway… just get some ideas and write your own brief article.

Click on the "Paid Surveys" link on the Clickbank site and make sure this is something you'd want to promote.

Next click on the "create hoplink" link and create your affiliate link. That's how easy it is to become an affiliate at Clickbank… it takes seconds to create the hoplink. Copy and paste the hoplink in a safe place.

Now you go to Go Articles and login and go to "submit articles".

Paste your article into the appropriate box and enter your name, article title and keywords.

Now move to your "profile" box and paste something like this: --------------------------------------------------------

"If you'd like to learn how you can get paid to do surveys at home just click on the link below:

http://(YourClickbankID).(Affiliate ProgramName).hop.clickbank.net/" ----------------------------------------------------------

Preview and publish your article and you're done.

If you've written a reasonable article, chosen your keywords well and have a catchy title then people will search on your keywords, see your title, read your article, click on your link and go to your affiliate page.

It's within the realms of possibility that the first visitor will enroll in your program or buy your product or book… but this is not the usual outcome so don't be disappointed.

It takes a few articles to generate a web presence and get any reasonable traffic and of course there's lots to learn between the lines here to become an accomplished article marketer and affiliate marketer; but the process really is this simple.

The real trick is actually getting started and doing it.

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