Monday, September 24, 2007

Build Your MLM Online--What You Can Do To Make "MySpace" Work For You!

Would you like to use your MySpace site to promote your MLM.

Do you know how to do it?

Then here's some information that will give you a great platform to get started.

As you know, MySpace is a social networking website… what's being called Web2 these days.

One big advantage of MySpace is that you almost instantly have your own website… for free… and you don't need to know anything about programming on the web.

It's strictly point and press and it's dead simple. This can save you a lot of time and money and have you up and promoting your business on the web in the next hour… it's that easy!

I see MySpace as an add-on… another tool to promote you business and build your list.

With MySpace you can communicate and build relationships around the world, create a blog and air your opinions and use it as a great business promotion tool.

Here are some great ideas to generate more targeted traffic:

a. Make your MySpace site more attractive and enticing. Do what you can to give it a professional look and feel. Use quality photos on your site rather than the low grade disasters you usually see there.

Dedicate your site to your business. Don't fill it with irrelevant ramblings and trivia. You want to create a professional image. Give your visitors very relevant, informative, useful, and dynamic information about the MLM industry in general and your business in particular.

b. Invite your friends and your relatives to come and visit your MySpace site. Make sure you make it open to the public. You want all the traffic you can get.

c. Visit other relevant MySpace sites and other blogs and invite them to visit yours.

It's OK to reach out and make friends. After all, that's what social networking is all about.

Once your MySpace site is up and running you really do need a website of your own dedicated to your business, if you want to really build successfully on the web.

Having your own dedicated website gives you a professional presence online and it's quite easy to do.

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Jim Keayes is an expert Internet and MLM Marketer. He teaches people to be successful online.