Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Make your Squeeze Page Sell-Don't get too Fancy with the Design.

Besides looking amateurish, a fussy site design will
confuse your visitor.

You've seen those sites with all sorts of graphics on the
background and lots of flash videos going off all over the
place. They demonstrate that the site designer knows their
stuff but the visitor has no idea what you want them to do;
and often the background graphics obscure your content so
it can't be easily read.

Keep it simple!

Choose one or two, maybe three colors and a couple of
fonts and stick with that design. Nothing looks worse than
a jumbled array of colors, fonts and styles. And absolutely
don't add textures or dark colored backgrounds; the test
becomes too difficult to read.

People like to get what they expect… what they're used to;
we don't really like surprises. Your visitors are used to
reading dark print on a light background… so give it to

Don't use more than three colors plus maybe some yellow
for highlighting; and make sure your colors are web safe.
Lot's of internet users are still working with computers
that have very basic video cards. If you go throwing
sophisticated color shades and tints at them you'll
completely lose the dramatic effect you were trying to
generate by the time a very basic VGA video card gets to
interpret it on the screen.

What are web safe colors?

Basically they're the original 16 colors that came with
Dos. If you just stick with your basic black, red, blue,
dark blue and yellow you'll never get into trouble with
font colors.

Your visitors came to your website because they were
searching for something on the web. They clicked on your
site listing in the search engine page. They really hope
you can fill their need.

Give them great sales copy that's easy to read and you're
half way there!

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