Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Action Steps to Online Success - Session 2

Here's How To Get Visitors To Enroll In Your List!

You can get by without a website, and it's certainly better to have one if you can afford it, so if you do decide to get a website then it only needs to be one page, an "enrollment page"... sometimes called a "squeeze page".

This is simply a single webpage whose only function is to encourage visitors to enroll in your offer. If it's a webpage then it will need to have a "webform" where visitors can subscribe and their information is forwarded to your autoresponder. You only need their first name and email to begin.

You are supplied with an Enrollment Page and an Autoresponder and Emailing System by SFI so if you're not web savvy and don't want to spend the $30 a month or so to get a webpage and autoresponder like AWeber then use the SFI webpage to enroll your visitors.

You can send all of your leads there... from your Pay-per-Click ads, your articles (more on this later), your forum posting your online ads or your Blog.

Warrior Forum:


is a great place to start your forum posting.

You can easily add more pages to your website as you go and they can all be simple. You can find lots of easy to use software to do this. You can use MS Frontpage if it came with your MS Office package. You don't need to go to the expense of buying Adobe Dreamweaver at this time but if you're serious it is a good thing to have down the road.

If you like to write then Article Marketing is for you - I use it a lot.

Write 5 Articles on the topic of Online Business or Network Marketing or Motivation and turn them into an eBook. If you don't have a website you can email the book to them.

To attract visitors to opt-in to your list you need a fr3e gift to give away on your squeeze page.

You can simply offer an online "how-to" course in how to be successful online and copy my emails for your course.

A "how-to" eBook about online success that you write yourself is another great way to do it. And since article writing is a great way to attract visitors to your site you can start off your online promotion program by publishing these 5 articles on the article directories like Ezine Articles:


If you want you can use one of my books as a giveaway.

If you alter it in any way you must add your own name as the author - just send me an email and I'll send you a book in MS Word Format with Private Label Rights attached - but my schedule is very full so you must become an Executive Affiliate first if I'm going to devote any time to you.

If you're already a member of SFI then skip this next section…

If you haven't already done so, then first go here to start your Test Drive Membership.

"Simply "Click Here" to Enroll for your FREE Test Drive

Your test drive costs you nothing - you don't give your credit card number for anything, but you get access to all the information you can't otherwise get to. If you don't take this step you're missing out… you'll never know what a great opportunity you're passing up! If you don't want to get involved that's fine… but at least understand what you're saying no to. __________________________________________

That's it for today… but there are more "How-To Tips" on the way.

Keep on winning




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