Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success--How to use Copy and Paste to Compile your Articles into an eBook

It's easy enough to say: "Now copy and paste your articles
together, edit them into an eBook and convert them to PDF

But I'm going to cover the basics here for those of you
who are learning your way around the computer
as we go

So what does "Copy and Paste" mean?"

Your computers operating system sets aside an area of
memory it call the "clipboard" for the short term parking
of text and files.

You can copy to the clipboard in a number of ways:

First you need to "select" the text or files you want to
copy-we'll ignore files for the moment and only deal with
text. If you want to select all of the text in your
document you could click anywhere inside the document then
hold down the "control key" (on a PC) and then press the A
key (this is called "Control A") and all of the text would
be selected and highlighted…or you could go to the "Edit"
menu and click on "Select All" and get the same result.

You can select sections of text by simply holding down the
left mouse key and dragging the pointer across the text.
Give it a try, you'll see how easy it is.

A word of WARNING: Make sure you "save" your document
before you do any of this
or you might accidentally erase
your work.

You can now "copy to clipboard" by pressing "Control C"
or by selecting "copy" from the Edit menu. Your selected
text is now saved on the clipboard and will stay there
until you overwrite it with another copy operation or you
turn off your PC.

You now open your new document, position you cursor where
you want your copied text to start and press "Control V" or
"Paste" from the Edit menu. Your copied text will now be
written (or Pasted) into the new document.

You follow this process with your remaining articles and
you have now cobbled together your eBook.

I am not going to get into the process of cleaning up your
text and making the book flow, I am assuming you are
skillful enough at writing to do this on your own.

Now that your book is written you will want to create a
template for the text to give it that professional look and
convert it to PDF.

Keep on Winning



Critical Steps to Online Success - Convert your Word Doc to PDF-Step by Step-How to do it

For a long time, the only way to create a PDF was to pay
Adobe a hefty amount of money for the full version of
Now, however, there are many standalone programs
available for very little cost or sometimes even free. Many
of them are as reliable as Acrobat itself.

First up, let me say right up front that I have absolutely
zero relationship with any of the products I am suggesting

here. I take no responsibility for your experience with
them and I do not guarantee that they will work for you as
they have for me.

With that out of the way…here are some options for you:

1. Install the full Adobe Writer software for a cost of
over US $200 or use their online version for a cost of
$9.99 per month.

2. Use Free software


Let's first look at what Adobe has to offer:

You can purchase the full version of Adobe Acrobat for
your computer system for US$200 plus.
The full version of
Adobe Acrobat allows you to create files from any program
and to add notes and annotations to existing PDF files.
If using the full Adobe Writer package you perform your
conversion to PDF by selecting File, Print and then open
the drop down menu for the list of printers and select
"Adobe Distiller" as you output choice.

Or you can use Adobe's "Create Adobe PDF Online" service
(I have not used this option but many people who write a
lot of documents find it cost effective and functional).

Adobe provides a web-based conversion service that
converts Microsoft Word, Excel, and a number of other
formats to Adobe PDF. You use a web browser to upload the
file you want to convert and then receive the final PDF
file online or through e-mail.

Adobe offers a small number (currently 5) conversions for
You can create an unlimited number of PDF files for a
monthly fee.

For instructions and more information on both the free
conversions and the fee-based services, see

You can sign up for US$9.99/month or US$99.99/year.
(Available only in the U.S. and Canada.)

You can view the subscription benefits by visiting the
Adobe website here:

At this site you can sign up for a free trial today and
create your first 5 Adobe PDF files for free.

These are pretty long URL's but they should work for you.
Just copy and paste the whole thing into your browser.


Download and install "PrimoPDF"

I use this package a lot. This is a stand alone package.
It's FREE, it's simple to download and install and works
every time for me, although some people on networks report
licensing issues. It costs you nothing to try so give it a

As with Adobe above, you perform your conversion to PDF by
selecting File, Print and then open the drop down menu for
the list of printers and select "PrimoPDF" as you output

The software downloads from the web and the conversion
takes seconds.

Download and Install "Desk PDF"

Desk PDF is another program you can try, but I have never
used this one so I can give you no feedback.

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CRITICAL STEPS TO ONLINE SUCCESS--Write a "Thank you" email for your Auto-responder

Once you have some articles in the mill or some emails or Pay-per-Click programs running you will start getting visitors to your Opt-in web page where you will be offering your new FREE eBook.

You need to be ready for them!

What will you need to have in place?

You'll need your website up and running with your Opt-in page active and all of the links on it working…including the links to and from your Auto-responder.

You'll need a Download page on your site with a link to your free eBook so your visitors can download it once they opt-in.

And you'll need a thank you email in place at your Auto- responder. This email should tell them about the "Verification Email" they will receive and the importance of clicking the verification link and what to expect afterward.

Most reputable Auto-responders insist on this "double opt- in" step before they will add the respondent to your list.

This verification process is essential to keep us onside with the Can-Spam laws. The fines for spamming can be quite steep and an infringement can really set your business back. The "double opt-in" process ensures that we are in compliance and can argue from strength if a complaint should be lodged.

After your visitor verifies their request I like to simplify the process by immediately sending them the download page with the download link and instructions on how to download. This by-passes another email containing the download link and makes it faster for everyone.

Here's some sample text that I use-you can copy it or modify it however you like:

Hi There, Thanks for your interest!

Here's what you need to do now!

Go to your Email Account

You will find an "Email" in your Inbox.

The Email will arrive from "Your Website Name" and the Subject Line will say:

"Please verify your recent request for information"

All you need to do is "Click the link in the email" and your Download Instructions will be sent to you immediately. We do this to "protect your privacy" and make sure that it was in fact you who requested this information.

Note: If you somehow made an error in entering your email address just "Click Here" and re-enter your Contact Information now.


Now this is perhaps a little more than you feel you need but you get the general idea.

Keep on Winning