Monday, June 25, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success-You have your "Squeeze Page"…Now what? You need a "Download Page"!

Let's quickly recap how your website is going to function
in the early days of your business.

You can get away with just two pages on your website to
start with:

1. A Squeeze Page

2. A Download Page.

Your Squeeze Page is your first brief sales page. It's
often your visitor's first real exposure to you so it
should be welcoming. It contains your headline, some bullet
points and your Opt-in Box for your visitors to accept your
free offer and subscribe to your list.

I'm assuming you have built your squeeze page and uploaded
it to your site and now you're ready to start getting
traffic. When they visit your site your interested visitors
will leave you their contact information and your
autoresponder will send them your "verification notice".
They open their email and confirm their request.

What now?

You now want your autoresponder to send them your
"download page" so they can download your free product or
make payment for a paid product.

So it's now time to design your "Download your Book" web

What exactly is this page all about?

It is usual to offer your visitor a "Free Gift" as a thank
you for joining your "Newsletter or Ezine List". If you are
in the business of Internet Marketing then that gift will
probably be a "How to" book of some kind or a piece of free
software or whatever…something they can easily download.
When your visitor fills out the web form on your opt-in
page they will receive the "verification email" and when
they click the link in their email you want your
autoresponder to immediately send them a webpage from which
they can download their free gift.

So this page is really simple. It contains a link to your
"Free Book".

In it's simplest form it says briefly:
_____________________________________________ Welcome -
this is where you can download your "free gift" Just Click
the link below and download to your PC. Here's the link:

So you want to have this page uploaded to your website
into a folder called "download-page" (or whatever you
choose) along with the PDF file for your book.

And that's it…you're ready to go.

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