Monday, November 12, 2007

Online MLM Success - How To Build a Massive List and Explode your MLM with Co-reg Leads!

The easiest way to build your business online is to have a list that is willing and eager to receive your emails. This applies to your MLM or any marketing business online. That may change down the road, but for today that's the best way to go.

Selling to someone who knows you and trusts you is way easier than just emailing any old list.

What are co-reg leads?

Co-reg leads are people who have answered an ad on the internet and have filled out a multiple choice form where they tick off their areas of interest-they co-register for various lists. When they submit the form they have indicated their willingness to receive information on the topics they selected. And that's all. Their level of interest is usually quite low.

So when we start with co-reg leads we are pretty much starting with "any old list". They're a bit better than that but not much. They have shown an interest in having an online business (among other interests) but that's about all.

Your job is to wean them out and warm them up! You do this via your "free offer" initial incentive (usually a how-to book or report) plus a series of 4 or 5 info packed how-to emails in your follow up email series on your autoresponder before you introduce an offer.

Your next step is to offer them a "how-to" E-Book or software program that will move their online business forward. It doesn't matter if you're an MLM team builder or a straight internet marketer, making product sales is a great thing to do.

In MLM we call this the "Funded Proposal". You use your online list building to pay for your online list marketing costs and if you're good… have some left over to save or spend.

Statistics are that you'll only get to retain 1% of the leads on the low side and up to 10% on the very high side. I'd sort of go with the idea that you're only going to retain 2%.

The big advantage of co-reg leads is that they're very cheap and you can build a list very fast. You can buy 25,000 leads for as little as 0.2 cents per lead from a wholesaler and up to 2 cents and more from a re-seller.

So if you buy from a wholesaler, your qualified warmed up leads that you retain; leads that will buy your front end product and probably even eventually join your MLM team, will cost you 50 times more than your original purchase price (2% is 1/50th retention so multiply the cost per lead by 50)… so that's about 8 cents each from a wholesaler and 80 cents each from a re-seller.

If you find a wholesaler who provides good leads and you can keep out of the Can-spam complaints arena then you can conceivably build a list of 10,000 names for as little as $800 and up to as much as $8000 for re-seller leads.

A list of this size can easily earn you $1000 to $4000 per month and more if you're a good marketer with good products, so I think you can see the potential.

Until you try them out it's pretty much impossible to tell how good the leads will be until you try out each provider and I don't want to get into the referral game here. Just Google "wholesale co-reg leads" and go from there.

Finding an email service provider to send your bulk emails is the next step in the puzzle and I'll cover that in a follow up article.

Working with Co-reg leads is one of the ways a lot of the big pros have used to build such huge lists.

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