Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Critical Steps to Online Success—Hit it Big with Article Writing

Article writing can be very demanding. Along the way you
will get dispirited…you'll want to lie down and give up. In
the early stages it takes much more effort than we expect.
Most of us are not naturally good writers so there are
skills to be acquired and new work habits to be developed.

Article writing as a source of leads for your online
business will surely challenge you to dig down, suck in and
just keep on going.

But it will be worth it!

Why? Because it works!

How does it work? It works because of two things.

1. The big article Directories have very high SEO rankings
so you can piggyback on their success to get your site
noticed. People searching will find your article. On your
own it could take years.

2. With 10 or 20 articles in the works your website will
be miraculously indexed by the search engines because of
your links to the big article directories…you're on the map.

3. Other Ezine and Newsletter publishers pick up your
article and run it in their publication and put it on their
site. Others see it on their site and do the same etc. etc.

It just grows and grows!

Article writing will return your effort 100 fold…and in
quite a short space of time. But it's like Network
Marketing; painfully slow to start, but for those who stick
around…the really big payoff!

With article writing you can hit pay dirt in 12 months or
less if you are able to stay focused and committed.

Here's why it works so well:

First off-there's not much competition. Lot's of writers
get started but they fall off the path. Not too many people
are willing to go blindly into the future, performing a
demanding task day after day with no noticeable payoff for
quite a while.

For a while you have to be happy with milestones…how many
people read my articles today? Is my readership growing?
(the directories will provide these stats for you).

Most people are looking for the quick fix. You see it
everywhere…just send your money and we'll build your
business for you.

Folks it doesn't work like that. Most millionaires are
business owners and they spent a lifetime steadily building
their businesses to get there.

So when you become a committed article writer you join a
select community of winners who are willing to go forward
in faith until the results show up.

If you stay the course you will be rewarded!

It takes time and commitment to write and publish 200
articles. You need 200 articles in circulation to get
enough readers clicking your link, visiting your site,
accepting your offer and opting-in to your list.

With 20 articles published you may have only 5 people
added to your list and quit writing in despair…don't do
that, don't give up. You're almost there.

The growth will be exponential! Here's how it might happen.

With 40 articles your list can grow to 200 plus-with 100
you can have 500 on your list and with 200 articles your
list may have grown as big as 2000 subscribers.(PLEASE
NOTE:these numbers are just guesstimates. Don't take this
as a promise that this is exactly how it will happen for

Now you're starting to make some worthwhile income.

If you write just 2 articles a day you can have 200
articles in publication by the end of 3 months.

Once the money starts to flow there'll be no looking back.

Here's the challenge. Can you go the distance? Can you dig
in until it starts to happen for you?

Keep on Winning



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